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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

B u r s t i n g


I have been traveling on this path, and it has a distinct hue of greens and bursts of rainbow colours.
I think it is the Light, you know. That has been showering us and then the shedding of shadows, yes,
the shedding, that has been good. * shrugs *
My life a kaleidoscope of children and lights and colours and many places to discover.
I am on track, and my path is brilliant, even with the pot holes and the unexpected hill here and there.
I have been writing. A lot. There is a stain of black ink on my fingers that has not left yet. Not for months. And there is lots of bubbling ideas and colourful illustrations sitting in folders.
I am creating and walking and shedding and most of all enjoying the Light.
I will be back soon with more photos and I hope I still have some readers left on my blog.
I have been too quiet. Too absent.
But I will be getting back into sharing bits of my life, my art, my creations and my loves.
If you are reading along, hello!
I certainly hope you are enjoying this wonderful Season as much as we are!


I am surrounded with all the things that I love so dearly.
This endless green certainly is beautiful.
Thank you Seasons, for all this wonderfulness

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fancy that...

There is nothing fancy about me really. I am a bit of a simpleton. 
I do not have a large studio room to call my own. Instead I have my bits and bobs stacked and stored just about everywhere around the entire house. This is what we call the Treasure Hunt; having to find what you are looking for, and finding things that you lost ages ago instead. My working space is my house, where ever I can sit, that is not overwhelmed with toys and whatnots. I sit at the kitchen table, highly damaged by over use, and always have the company of someone little chatting to me as I work. 
I don't have fancy supplies either. Only own one paint brush. A tiny wonky one that I do all my painting and lettering with. I have had it for years, and has been used by many little hands. I can't get myself to go and buy another one, unless this one fall apart completely. 
Finding pencils in this house is impossible. We think there is a Pencil Gremlin around that eats them at night when we sleep, since any newly purchased ones get lost within the 24 hour time frame. 
So I use what I can find. 

Alas, my watercolour paints are messy and much loved. I rarely wipe away old colours. 
Because you know, I might have to use 'that' particular colour again. 

But I do love messing about on paper. 
Creating images that make me happy and smile. At the kitchen table, with little people talking to me,
with my mediocre and damaged art supplies. 
I am just not very fancy 

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Thursday, 14 April 2011


I am often alone, and rarely lonely.

I am very quiet, and never shut up.
I thrive on stress, but hate feeling pressured.

I am utterly lost, and don't wish to be found.
I am married, but have no ring.
I love the quiet, and fill it with music.

I am compulsively restless, and dream of doing nothing.
I don't like weeds, but wish my garden was a carpet of poppies. 
My memory is abysmal, but I can't let go of the past.

I despise shopping, but love going out.
Just so I can get that "coming home" feeling.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

High time

I nod, yes, I promise. I will get to it. 
I look at my clock, and it is time to go to bed again. Did not make it
today either. I just nod. A lot. 
It is a cycle I am in, not a vicious or malicious one, although truth
is that time is never really on my side. So yes, it is a bit malicious really.
But come on. I have been here, in France, for near four years soon.
Crickey. Four years. And I still have not found time to learn French.
Although, yes, I do nod really really well. With a smile and everything. 
And the people here are lovely, I am just that crazy woman, who speaks
several languages, just not the one of the country she lives in. 

I have been in such limbo about it. I love where I live, but not speaking the language
is such a handicap. I love chatting and getting to know people, but boy, this language
lark is a bit of an obstacle if you can't go much further than 'bonjour'
I have considered moving away, and going somewhere, anywhere, I do speak the 
language. But I can not think of a nicer place to live. We considered Canada, 
Australia ( husband has family there ) and even the US. But do I want to do that
to my children ( shakes head ) They need to stay put.
I just need to learn French! ( stupid woman!) 

I have reached the point of not even wanting to go outside anymore. 
(this is the one thing that proves to me how utterly awful it is to not be able to connect with people)

And although I have such legitimate reasons for this stalling/procrastination it
has dumbed me down so much, I did not realise how unhappy this has made me. 

Running my online shop has been our life line when we initially moved here. 
We gave up everything when we started our new life in France. Having five children
and resettling is a costly business. Okay, it was worth it, but it left me with no time
for play. None. Let alone learning a new language. 

But I am tired of looking at pretty pictures in pretty books, when the words make little sense. 

I am doing an Open University Course in French!
( even the husband is enrolling and pursuing a degree again! )

Will this leave me with time to play? 
No, not at all. But in the long run, I will be so much happier.

Friday, 11 June 2010


Yesterday morning I got this sudden urge to sit and sew. I had to do it. I ignored all fears of not being able to do it, and voila! I am making my very first patchwork blanket! How addictive is this? I am already planning another two, and I have not even finished this one.... 
[ as if I need another addiction ]

I always assumed it was a lot of work, but in actual fact it is even more work than I thought. [ my respect for proper quilters has gone up by miles! ]
I can see this will lead to frantic shopping for just the 'right' fabrics.
[ but what a nice way to spent an afternoon eh ]

I have a very busy weekend coming up, there will be friends over to watch the World Cup football matches on the telly (urgh) and my mother is arriving on the Sunday, to stay with us for the Summer. There is evening Fetes to go to [ the children do demand this ] And I suppose I will have to plan to finish this blanket over the next week. [crosses fingers + hopeful expression ]

I will be watching some episodes of Larkrise with the kidlets in my bedroom and avoid the living room that will be filled with noisy men.

 I already have the pop corn.... 


By the way, 
'the' cabinet is not done yet either.... 
[story of my life ]

I am waiting for some old vintage knobs to arrive, and the post-woman is never as quick as I hope she would be. (call it misdirected positive thinking)
 [ frown ]
Here a wee corner of my battered cabinet and one of my favourite dolls from Kajsa. 
Brings a smile to my room. 


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Vive la différence

In between doing lots of painting -there I go again- I put a frame together, and painted that too! [ blame the hands, the brain has nothing to do with it ]
I had no print/picture that would fit it's large size, so I painted something myself. Which seems to be such a running theme in our home lately. The celebration/acceptance of being yourself. And if you happen to be different, it is nothing to be ashamed of, it should be celebrated *nods* 

I can't say I am done. The bed room is next, then the hallway and landing.
And truth is that I am not quite done with the living room yet. Or the kitchen.  

But I 'need' to do some work on paper, and will be adding lots of new cotton tapes to my shop in a week or so. I am not too happy about my shop being closed, but it is the only way to get my to-do-list to shrink. 

In the mean time, if you get a chance, go and do something different, be different somehow. It is a great feeling to to break out of routines. 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I am a bit of a simpleton. I like uncomplicated. Simple and straightforward. I love the little things. I am so easily pleased. And grateful for so much. 

Thank you Rodi

Thank you great grandmother

Thank you to the little hands that picked 
the lovely pine cones

Thank you Lynn

Thank you Kayla for my mother's day 
flowers from the garden

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Happy Mail

This Saturday was not much fun, I had to work through a monster amount of orders, and was literally 'at' it from 8 in the morning, until 8 at night.... 

But then the post-woman brought some joy!

My dear friend Rena sent me a surprise care package. Mmm. Coffee and lovely bath salts! One of my favourite magazines and a stack of fabulous moda fabric squares.

I am already pondering what to make out of the fabrics. Do stay tuned! 

Thank you so much Rena. You made my day infinitely better! x

Friday, 14 May 2010