Sunday, 7 July 2013

random me

Cloudbuster. Potential poet and photo taker. Limbo dancer. Nail biter. Cake baker. Bread hater. Lemon green tea drinker. Licorice lover. Old book junkie. Remote. Private. Outspoken. Digger and diver. Driven and driver. Ecclectic. Traditional. Cliche. Contrary. Redhead. Freckled. Lost. Quietly. Seemingly balanced. Word wanderer. Ponderer. Dreamer. Simplistic. Easily pleased. Hobo. Slave to morning coffee. Mediator. Peacekeeper. Meditator. Sensible. Risk taker and rule breaker. Random.  Pointless. Up hill climber. Wall flower. Found.


  1. Great post. A face behind the words and beautiful art.

  2. Your forgot to include "Beauty" in your list!!

  3. I like that you included that last word!;)


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