Wednesday, 21 March 2018

To remain

My life has been a constant coming and going, moving and staying.
I have moved from country to country.
I wrapped and packed our belongings more times than I care to remember.
I have only ever had one dream, and that was to have a simple life.
Small dreams and simplicity of living.....

But I guess life had different plans for me.
Instead we have been living upside down in a state of uncertainty.
My dream remains the same.
I dream of boring simple living....
... and feel blessed all the same.
I have such a lovely bunch of family right around me.
My cup as always been full.
And for that I am grateful.
Our adventure is still in full motion,
will we stay, will we go.
It would be nice to finally just stay.
I will keep you posted.
Life is not boring, that is for certain.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine
I just checked my calendar and it says September.
When I look outside my windows it definitely does not look like September!
The squirrels are constantly hopping around on my balcony and amongst the trees.
The hummingbirds are humming around the feeder all day long, and all the fans are
still blowing. And I think it is definitely ice-cream Friday again. Something chocolatey for
certain, and caramel (nods).
Have been working on my bright coloured illustrations again today, and there is
still summer going on in there, too.
I am secretly really enjoying it.
And the ice cream will be enjoyed even more later.
Wishing you a wonderful sunshine Weekend!
May there be joy x

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Small Beginnings

Just a very small beginning of making something bigger. 
By my calculations I will need a LOT of these little squares.
A whole lot. Good thing Autumn is a couple of months long, I will
need this time to crochet on and on and on.
I seem to have gone from timid quiet colours, to bursting at the seams colours
The ones that laugh loudly and can't be overlooked.
Not sure what is going on, but I am liking this added colour to my life.
In the meantime I am working on lots of new illustrations.
I have this blog I need to rebuild, a new website to make, and eventually I will re-open
my etsy shop again. It is hard to believe my shop has been closed for so many years.
Life really does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it.
It makes me really sad, but there is no point lingering in that feeling.
It can't be changed. But my future definitely can, and I am planning on just doing that!
Here is to the future!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Flowers All Year Around

Summer is slowly coming to an end.
My children are preparing themselves for early morning wake-ups
and darker days. The thought of 5 o'clock mornings are exhausting me
already (laughs) Good thing there is strong coffee, I better stock up.
I am looking forward to the snuggles and cozy blankets coming out of
hiding again. Especially here in beautiful New England where winters truly
are chilly and (usually very) white ((heart))

 I thought it would be nice to make some bright and happy popcorn crochet flowers
to hang around the house. Adding a bit of *happy* to the rooms.
It is like having summer vibes all year around.

I love crocheting flowers!
Especially ones that pop up!

I made some extra and added a long flower garland to my shop, too!
I guess I am ready for Autumn and Winter now.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Live Life with Joy

Joy is a state of being, I suppose.
It can't really be found around me, or in others,
it seems to be more of feeling that is deeply rooted
within. A source that we tap into when we do the things
we love.
And suddenly there is joy and there is peace.
And it is always there, inside of us.
This is a painting I made whilst I was crocheting
at the same time, and instead of painting the main flower
I thought it would be nice to add a handmade crochet
flower. It is such a joy to be able to do three things I love, crocheting,
painting and lettering all at the same time.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Simple Happiness

Finding joy in everyday things.
Adding burst of colours and
sipping coffee.
Happiness can be so simple.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Busy table

I have a busy table in the middle of my home.
The more that is on it, the more it makes for happy feelings.
Lots of projects happening all at once. And the table gets quite a lot
of visitors joining in with even more projects.
I just love the sound of children around me, and the constant chat and sounds.
Quiet is not something that happens very often in my home.

This week I received this wonderful book in the post from my lovely friend Debs.
I am very grateful for having such sweet friends in my life (heart)

There was even a big plate of donuts this week! 
A home is not quite complete without some crazy calories.
I was definitely aiming for the cinnamon donut.......

My paintbox seems to have a permanent stay on my table.
I guess the lay out of the mess would be a bit odd without it.