Thursday, 24 June 2010

All you need is love

It has been over two and a half years. In many ways time has flown by, in other ways it has felt like a crawl. But we are in France for a while now, and finally I have started turning my house into a home. What kept me? I don't know really. But I have felt very lost. Not always in a bad way. Sometimes I feel it has pushed me in ways that nothing else could have done. 
But we are here, in our old stone church home, with an ancient grave yard as our neighbours and the mountains and endless trees over looking us. 
I can't believe it took me this long to realize that all we need is love. No matter where we are. Home is something that is on the inside, not the outside. 
I made this large linen cushion yesterday, to remind myself that I am actually blessed with all the good stuff. You know, the love stuff. 


  1. This is such a beautyful post. It catches me right somewhere on the path I walk. I haven't turned my home into a real home either. But I am starting. For me it's mostly the lack of money that keeps me away from doing so. For so long I concentrate on the home within me.

  2. You are so right
    you can't imagine how much I undertand you!
    I send you some love from Greece :)

  3. first, I wanted to say that sometimes France is a really unwelcoming country for non-French speakers, so this probably didn't help much at all. Then, that sometimes it takes a while to make a house becoming a home. You are a big family & you are a crazy talented artist, so the moments you really have as free, to make yourself comfortable at home are sparse. But I know you did it in the end.
    This cushion is just PERFECT. Well done you !
    Big hugs to you & your loved ones (and your mom too) oxoxoxo

  4. All we need is LOVE! We can never have enough reminders about this. Beautifully reminded!
    Love all the way from the other end of the globe, Anna :-)

  5. Loving that sofa girl! I'm off to buy some Dylon. Don't know what I'm going to dye yet but I'll think of something! (Ha, ha, just realised what I just posted on my blog, lol)

  6. The love stuff...I like that...the love stuff. Thank you, Anna. I'm smiling. :)

  7. Love your new cushion and the sentiment.

    I'm still feeling very much in limbo myself at the moment. We moved from my beloved York a year ago and have been renting a flat ever since. I'm desperate for our own home again (with a garden).

    It's hard to settle somewhere new where you've got no friends or family around.

    Jill x

  8. your lovely words also ring true here in the happy to hear that you have reached this point as it gives me great hope:)



  9. Home is on the inside, not the outside. I LOVE THAT!

  10. Anna the cushion is perfect...did you stamp or handpaint the letters?
    I am feeling a little lost too...although I know this is my home, I haven't really added much to make it feel really homely other than my paintings and my Marimekko tablecloth...
    I really need to sit down soon and warm our home up...
    Have a lovely day.

  11. Lovely post! Thank you.
    And the cushion is just perfect!

  12. Anna, what a beautiful realization, sometimes it takes us all a while, sometimes people just never ever get it, but you, you are special, and see things in such a beautiful way, and are able to put it into beautiful words. Your pillow is so beautiful, your lettering, well, your lettering is just so could make an old broken down fence a work of art just by adding your lettering. So grateful to call you friend Anna,

    hugs to you, Rena

  13. I too have moved, Three years ago I had to move from the home, the city I loved and all my friends of over 35+ years that I love and still miss very much... (divorce at 60 years old) but after the shock wears off I move back to a town I grew up in and have enjoyed finding out more about where I now live and my place in it.
    I think maybe you will find your space and it will become comfortable and soon be home.

    Love is everything....

    cheers, parsnip

  14. Tell me about it...I have to deal with that discussion over and over with myself. How did I get here in the first place?? But you're right, home is your more of a feeling than a place.

  15. Can't agree with you more. And I love that cushion.

  16. yep, home is where your heart is......and with your beautiful heart, your home must surely be as gorgeous! i love your sweet pillow reminder....
    xox, :))

  17. 'What kept me?' - an Irishism I haven't heard in ages. It's the little things isn't it that make you smile!

  18. Love all your designs. How do you print the words on the fabric-awesome!

  19. I guess the Beatles were right!
    LoVe is all we need..and
    a little
    home sweet home..
    Love from Peace Mountain,
    North Carolina


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