Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stitching Thing

It's a stitching thing. It doesn't really matter what I stitch on, as long as I stitch. My love for mix media and paper is always there. And the need to stitch lots of layers on top of one another. Adding a crazy amount of thread. On top of thread. I can imagine worse compulsion to have, I suppose. 

And besides, I am waiting for the post woman to bring me my package of fabrics, so I can do some more quilting. 

I needed a fix. 


  1. LOL you are hilarious my friend
    I hope you get your fix soon :D
    xoxo hugs

  2. What a great effect! Love it. And I need those fixes often enough myself. muahaha

  3. you stitched bt hand alllll the hair?
    I love your compulsion......and your art works...
    you are also very welcome to visit me at my blog, I will be honored...

  4. Go easy on the poor lady! ;o)

    But do have fun!
    The stitching thing can be very addictive...


  5. I do get excited about the mail carrier coming with packages, but when those packages are paper, fabrics or journals, I squeal! I can't wait to see more of your creations, Anna! Have fun!

  6. Oh Anna, beautiful!! She would look really cool on the side of a linen bag! Will you frame her? does she have a name? Hey, remember, your fabric's LEGAL, so your all in the good!! hee hee.

  7. LOVE THAT! I can imagine you go over and over and over.. that would be a fun! I've got thick black long hair like that at the mo and I'd loved to be stitched by you! xm

  8. Anna I am speechless, this is so beautiful!

  9. Isn't passion beautiful!!!

  10. there's nothing better than a visit from the post woman....especially when they're delivering goodies to satisfy your stitching addiction!!! have fun this weekend!! xox, :))
    p.s. LOVE your fabulous stitched beauty!!!

  11. I love it! Creativity is great


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