Sunday, 29 August 2010

So long

Goodbye to dear August. Soon you will leave us for yet another year. 



On thursday our children will return to school. And I will return to work. It somehow makes me sad nevertheless. Even with the weather staying quite beautiful here in the South of France for quite some time still. I will miss the colours. Time does go by too quickly. 

So long, Summer. You have been wonderful!


  1. Anna:
    Your piece of the world is a beautiful place, indeed. Thank you for a glimpse into the south of
    France. Truly lovely.

  2. Oh...! How can I undertand you! I'm feeleing the same since few days... only two days again and then the summer has finished for me... I'm thinking about how can I say good bye to summer... so I thought of a game. What will you regret about your summer? And what are the reason for a happy coming of the fall?
    I'll miss:
    1)swimming every day
    2)No job's problem
    4)Stitching all day
    5) Have time to spent with friends and barbeque
    6) Have time to love my husband
    But I'm happy because:
    1) I love fall's meal, for example Polenta & mushrooms!
    2) I miss my students: some of them are so funny or sweet!
    3) Have interesting discussion with my collegues
    4) Plan a beautifull holydays on december with some frineds I don't meet since one year
    5) Plan a lot of Cristhmass country&craft gifts
    6) No more muggy wear
    7) Dream of next holydays in some new country
    and so on...
    Come on! Play with me at Polyanna's game! :-)What are your reasons?

  3. oh Anna, I love this first photo of you & R ! how beautiful ! Yes, August is soon gone, and school is soon back, but we're not far apart, the sun & the heat is here to stay for a while longer :)
    sending you big hugs & kisses

  4. We'll so miss sumer indeed! But fall is not too bad either :-) It will be soon time for good comfort food and Halloween!

  5. Such beautiful photos. This is bitter sweet. I am so sad by the going of sad. I'm trying, really trying, to welcome fall,'s not happening for me....yet.

  6. stunning have a beautiful family.
    our girls start school next week.
    back to work...back to school...back to waking up at 6am!

  7. I know exactly what you mean about summer being long gone..........I to love summer! I don't even have children at home any more. When I did I was never ready for school to start.

  8. you live in such a beautiful place Anna <3 such an inspiring enviroment. The place in the photo reminds me of one of my dearest movies 'Le Renard et l'enfant', maybe you have seen it?

  9. I will miss summer too :-( I will now look forward to hearing the birdies singing in the spring again :-)

  10. A life in nature, it must be great for you and your family. You will feel the change in season too, soon or maybe in an overnight after a big storm when leaves vanish. It has been a good summer, but too short for me this time. No feelings of autumn yet, though outside it is cold and rainy.

    Happy week!

  11. so long , farewell , auf wiedersehn , goodbeye...... after lots and lots of rain ....
    it's going to be dry for at least a couple of days...... pfffffffff.
    Read the interview !
    working from your heart ! what more can you wish for . Such a blessing !
    Love your Blog .

  12. You live in a beautiful place!
    These days I´ve got such melancholy thoughts as well.
    Your interview on your friend´s blog was lovely - I enjoyed reading about your life.
    I wonder if your doll has arrived to you already - I´ve sent it as a priority shipping...

  13. Don't be sad,Summer memories will hold
    all these beauty and colours to keep
    you+familie forever inspired..
    the best is yet to come..

  14. move to australia. our spring is just showing its lovely fragrant face!

  15. summer looks beautiful in france......i can see why you're going to miss it!! we'll have summer for a few more months here in florida.....come and stay for a while!!! xox, :))

  16. Such beautiful photos~ I know how you feel, I love summer and don't like it go away. But this year, I am a little bit different, I want it to end so I can see my baby soon~


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