Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fancy that...

There is nothing fancy about me really. I am a bit of a simpleton. 
I do not have a large studio room to call my own. Instead I have my bits and bobs stacked and stored just about everywhere around the entire house. This is what we call the Treasure Hunt; having to find what you are looking for, and finding things that you lost ages ago instead. My working space is my house, where ever I can sit, that is not overwhelmed with toys and whatnots. I sit at the kitchen table, highly damaged by over use, and always have the company of someone little chatting to me as I work. 
I don't have fancy supplies either. Only own one paint brush. A tiny wonky one that I do all my painting and lettering with. I have had it for years, and has been used by many little hands. I can't get myself to go and buy another one, unless this one fall apart completely. 
Finding pencils in this house is impossible. We think there is a Pencil Gremlin around that eats them at night when we sleep, since any newly purchased ones get lost within the 24 hour time frame. 
So I use what I can find. 

Alas, my watercolour paints are messy and much loved. I rarely wipe away old colours. 
Because you know, I might have to use 'that' particular colour again. 

But I do love messing about on paper. 
Creating images that make me happy and smile. At the kitchen table, with little people talking to me,
with my mediocre and damaged art supplies. 
I am just not very fancy 

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  1. your artwork is beautiful.
    i find -when i do get around to painting, which isn't all that often anymore unfortunately- that i always use the same brush too! i end up with a favorite and use it for everything :)

  2. Well you turn out some pretty amazing work so I would keep doing what you do best ....with your tiny wonky brush :)

  3. I am understand you.
    There is something in your artwork - I suppose , that is a MAGIC.

  4. magic isn't in perfect pencils. Magic and creativity are messy, jut like our minds. Sometimes we can pull the threads of our thoughts together and pin them to paper like butterflies. In words we write or drawings we paint, and draw.

  5. Artist are always messy. And being a mom to so many gremlins, it is not surprising that pencils disappear in no time. Thinking of my 3 girls when they were still at home, I am reliving just about the samething you wrote here. And i still have my old worn kitchen table, where they would draw, paint, make their homework, as i would hand stitch, cut fabrics, cook. Even hubby used the table to cut wood while building some new projects in the house. ^_^
    You are blessed Anna. These moments are precious. xxx

  6. I can imagine that Beautiful pic above which you painted in a frame... So sweet. Your work sounds totally made from the heart. And Heart is where the home is :) Kristy

  7. Oh, but you ARE rather lovely! Your art, your little, I do believe you are lovely. Your one little brush is all you need to make others smile when they see what you have made. And I do see, from your picture, that you have so much to share! Think of all the smiles you create with your bits and bobs...yes, you are rather lovely.

  8. I would give anything to have a talent to paint the way you do.....clearly it is not the space is the's not the is the artist...... You are an artist...with extrordinary! Not so simple.....

  9. It is so inspiring to read of how you create. I admire your artwork so much. Have a nice day! Twyla

  10. You DO paint wonderfully... no matter what! And after all... you just need ONE brush and paint to do art!!! At least if you're good enough... and you sure are, very talented lady!!!

    Have a great evening, Anna!

  11. Really? All of your lovely work with that one paint brush? I think I'd make a wall mounted gold case for it so I would always know where it was =)

  12. Amazing lady ! I would never have thought it - your paintings are so fresh and the colours... It just goes to show if you have the talent you don't need all the brushes under the sun.

  13. I see that I am not the only one floored at the "only one brush" revelation! Well you do wonders with that one brush! I like the little sneak peak of the houses that you're working on. And how lovely - a tea room! :D

  14. As they say, beauty resides in the simple things. That must be why you and your art are such things of beauty!

    I received my little package in the mail this weekend, the cupcake tape is even prettier in person, I love it and can't wait to incorporate it into a few special projects, thank you once again!

    p.s. You have the lovliest penmanship! I have saved the envelope!! Cheers!

  15. Only one little brush ? it must be a magic one :)

    Lovely Blogpost , thanks for sharing !

  16. :-) Jagen en verzamelen... Wat schilder je toch prachtig!

  17. Wat leuk om te lezen hoe en waar jij lekker aan het werk bent. Ik had echt gedacht dat je een mooi, licht atelier hebt. Maar een keukentafel is misschien wel net zo leuk en gezellig.
    Liefs Sig

  18. It seems like you are able to draw without any brush :) The 'equipment' you need for painting is elsewhere, not only in your hand.

  19. *you have poetic expression + luxuriant imagination
    *you are a prodigiously talented artist!
    * <3 all of your works

  20. Oh to keep life simple...I can relate after having the twins...the less I have to find to get my crating done the better. Zane and Esther are chatting (baby squeeling) by my side with two others trying to tell me their stories as well!

  21. I have a feeling that the "well-loved atmosphere" that you work in, along with your "rag-tag" paintbrush and paints is exactly what helps to make your artwork the "lovelies" that they are. We are blessed to be able to enjoy your beautiful and whimsical work!
    Deb :o)

  22. Well it seems to be working for you. So keep on drawing and painting like you are. We viewers of your blog are the ones who get to enjoy your work too.
    I do have a studio and supplies but when you use torn paper for most of your work it is nice to sort of contain it so it doesn't take over the house. For some reason once you tear paper it somehow multiplies and get everywhere.

    Your photo today was wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip


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