Saturday, 31 March 2018

Summer Smiles in Flowers

My love for paper and paints has been mixing with yarns.
I find myself stacking yarn made goodies, and instantly my
mind starts ticking how to use them, and what to use them
I can't seem to just let yarn be yarn.

My mind seems to be a strange place where all of it just
mixes and starts blending into something else.

This new love of mine, this yarn, has been such a joy.
I just love all the colours and all the wonderful
textures. I am still so new at crocheting, and learning
as I go along. But I just love it.
This is a summer illustration I made.
I had been painting some stalks and lettered some words
when I happened to have some unfinished grannysquares
on the table.
I just love the promise of Summer.
I am hoping everything will come together finally for us
in this new land that is now our home.


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