Friday 1 October 2010

Christmas Package Trade Anyone? (closed!)

Happy October!
Not long now, Christmas is just around the corner.
I don't know about you, but I do get the tingles and such. I don't think I
have ever truly grown up. 
And now is the perfect time to start preparing and creating gifts!

I would love to trade some Christmas Goodness Packages!
In the package will be
. Delicious chocolate/sweets
. A heartfelt hand made item
.  Selection of fabric bits
. An unexpected surprise
. A Christmas Card

If you would like to trade a Christmas Goodness Package with me,
please leave me a comment and let me know the things you favour, such
as colours and other important info I need to know. 

All packages will be mailed in the 3rd week of November,
and upon receipt you are not allowed to peek until Christmas morning!
{ promise }

I will only be able to take on a handful of trades, and will pick randomly from
the list of people who have been so kind to leave me a comment. 

Let the fun begin!



  1. Ooh this sounds like so much fun! I am totally starting to get excited about Christmas already :)

  2. for sure! If i am allowed to (even if there's still a huge parcel waiting to get ready for you here...) But my, christmas swaps!!! How do I miss them.

  3. Oh, I've never done a Christmas swap and I am so terribly afraid not to disappoint you, but I'll do my very best not to if I'll get to be picked :)

    I can't believe Christmas is so close! But until then, there are pumpkins to enjoy in every form and leaves to crunch with boots and...all sorts of autumny things :)

  4. oh pick me, pick me! I think it would be so much fun! Thanks for the chance! Have a great October!

  5. Sounds wonderful! I think I should be able to put something nice together for you. :) The 'not peeking' bit will be hard to stick to though!

  6. I would love to take part in this, sounds like so much fun. Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. It's a long weekend here in Aus and a chance to get started... even if I'm not picked. Love the blog

  7. What a fabulous idea I would love to be picked! its going to be summer here in Australia does that matter??? I love blue because it reminds me of the ocean, oh I do miss it so but I also love red like the colour of the earth surrounding me now :)

  8. Hi, I've never participated in an event of this type and I would like, it is a creative and lovely idea. It comes from heart. The best for you.

  9. I would absolutely LOVE to trade Christmas treats with you - what an incredibly special package that would be to open on Christmas morning!! :)

  10. I would loooooooooooove to have a Christmas swap with you sweetie !! You certainly know Belgians have the most delicious chocolate on earth ?!! AHAHAHAHHAHA I'm sure you won't be able to resist belgian chocolate ;-) XoXo !! Smooches sparkled with cinnamon & belgian cholocate chips ;-)

  11. I'd so much love to partcipate in this!
    I need not tell you what I like the most, as you are such a frequent visitor of my flickr stream you are already aware of my preferences.

    I love the feeling of exchanging something with people we connect here in this online world.

    Please do send me a mail stating what you 'd like to receive from my shop. I'll also include a little surprise and promise to behave until Christmas!;)

    Kind regards,
    Ivy ~ xxx

    P.S: you look absolutely lovely! Warm eyes and smile and such beautiful hair!

  12. Oh I love Christmas! It's the best time of the year :) I'd love to participate and make a package for you.

    I love everything in Christmas - peace, stillness, Christmas tree, candles, ornaments, snow, snowmen, angels, red and white and blue and green, hearts, books, chocolate... :)

  13. I really would love to swap Christmas parcel with you - hope you pick me!

  14. Anna, I would love to be in on your Christmas trade!

  15. This would be fun:) I could make a package for you!

  16. Anna, that would be lovely to trade with you for Christmas!!
    Margaret B

  17. oh Anna, i would love to share with you. I am aware many are going to ask you and maybe you wont choose all of us, so if you can't make a x-mas trade with me, i understand. such a great idea though !
    hope to hear from you ♥

    oh,i just love your new banner, it is so lovely ! if you want to make one for me, i would pay you ? ^-^


  18. I would love to trade with you, Anna! I had 2 Christmas Exchanges last year with 2 other people and it was pure fun!

  19. What a lovely idea. I have never done this. But it sounds like a great way to share the holiday spirit from one country to another! You should know that we have the best locally- and beautifully (artfully) made chocolates in this town that I would love to share with you. Almost too pretty to eat! But you must! And the rest...well...that's a secret. Best -- Melissa

  20. Oh Anna, you can count me in! sounds like great fun!! **already know what I will be making for you!!** We have some AMAZING chocolate makers in our community, so excited!!! what a lovely idea Anna!!

    xoxo rena

  21. Net uit school ... weekend..... alweer .....
    de tijd vliegt echt voorbij. Oktober .......
    Begrijp ik het goed dat het een pakjes-ruil is ?
    Geweldig fantastisch idee . Ik doe wel mee !
    Ben bijna jarig .... november ....
    Ik hou van vogeltjes en van blauw en rood en eigenlijk wel van alle kleuren .Hou van krachtige kleuren rood-met-rose , rose-met-oranje en met wat gouds erbij maakt het mij helemáál BLIJ ... en JIJ ?

  22. Anna I would love to swap with you!!
    So if you are interested on some portuguese goodies let me know ;)
    I love Xmas!!

  23. Anna, what a lovely idea and what fun that would be! You are going to have a long, long list here...:-)

  24. Oh, this would be so much fun....I love receiving pretty things in the mail (and chocolate from Europe - so much better than its American counterpart, hahaha!!!). I would love to put a parcel together for you :)

  25. Lijkt mij erg leuk!! Ik maak heel graag een kerstpakketje voor jou!

  26. Hi Anna, I really enjoyed swapping postcards with you in the summer so I would definitely love to do a Christmas swap too! Fingers crossed my name gets pulled out of the hat...!

  27. That will be so much fun! And to all your rules: yes!!

  28. Well here is my offer-i will send you a christmass package but since i am not celebrating christmass (jew..) you do not have to send me a package! for real! this is so that i will once have the opportunity to do something which is chrismass inspired.

  29. I hope I can win! I like your blog, your watercolors, your ideas! :-)

  30. Your tape designs have been a inspiration to me. Would Love to send you a christmas package from the most southern point of Africa filled with the most interesting things from my country.

  31. Oh, Anna, I'd love to join, too.

  32. oh my!
    Our Christmas trades of long ago are still some of my favorites :)
    I'm going to be turning 40 on Dec. 7th and am SO EXCITED for the holidays this year, and would love to exchange christmas parcels with you!
    {or birthday ones if you'd rather since you're on the other side}

    things I love:

    1. your art in any form
    2. red / brown / blue / winter white
    3. textures fabric and paper
    4. xonnox/tikky graphic pens in .2
    5. long and lovely letters
    6. bees
    7. dark chocolate/butter biscuits/licorice
    8. you
    9. houses
    10. running water


  33. I love your new blog header btw!

  34. your parcels have always been so wonderful that i must join as well :)


  35. Dearest sweet Anna, this is such fun! I am also in christmas mood and thinking about christmas crafts! I would LOVE to participate in this!! I hope and pray that i get picked! My favorite colors are pastal pink, blue and red. I love little things from cute little pouches, craft items to inspiring display items i could put in my little studio. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!

  36. What a wonderful idea. I am all up for it.
    whishing you a lovely and creative weekend!

  37. I would love to take part but I would also be happy to swap with someone else if not chosen. I haven't signed up for any swaps recently only a personally halloween swap with a very good friend so would love to do something festive and wintery.

  38. That sounds really great. I would love to take part in this.

  39. hi anna,
    it would be more than a pleasure to trade a christmas gift with you...such a great artist as you...i'd say; it's a privilege!!!
    i'm in!!

  40. Anna!
    I would love to christmas swap with you, to let you try some polish sweets:)

    Things I like:
    *any kind of sweets
    *washi tapes
    *everything crafty

    Have a nice day!

  41. Dear Anna!
    That sound wonderful.
    I would love to take.
    My favorite colour are red and ecru.
    Dorota Szczurek

  42. Anna, that sounds like a great Christmas treat! Put my name in the drawing!

  43. I would love to trade with you. You make such wonderful things.

  44. I love the new banner! You are so talented. I love this idea of the Christmas swap too - am I too late?? I would trade with someone else as well, but I don't want to create a ton of extra work for you. :)

  45. It's a very good idea ! Je suis partante !!!

  46. Hello, Anna, I would be so honored to trade a Christmas surprise package with you!! I hope I'm not too late and that I am one of the lucky 'winners'. I love the country, cats and the color green (and your blog!).

  47. I'd love to be the one who can get your package. I love white + natural color and love to be in a room with a huge window.

  48. Who wouldn't? I will! Love swaps, love Christmas, love surprises. Usually do not have much luck being randomly picked ;)

  49. Dat wordt lastig kiezen voor je denk ik, maar mocht ik er tussen zitten...

    Yummie chocolade... wat voor variatie dan ook je mag me er voor wakker maken.
    Ik heb een voorkeur voor blauwtinten, maar kreeg van de week van een kleurencoach het advies om ook iets van geel te gaan dragen (al was het maar in ondergoed ;) )

    'T is weer tijd om het binnen ontzettend gezellig te maken, voor een kaarstengek als ik een heerlijke tijd. Maar bovenal... ik laat me graag verrassen :)

    En oh oh wat zal het lastig worden om het pakje niet te openen, ben van nature zo ontzettend nieuwsgierig dat wil je niet weten ;)

    Nu maar hopen dat ik uit de hoge hoed getrokken wordt!