Thursday, 16 December 2010


This morning the school buses did not arrive. The roads covered with
a soft layer of white snow, which renders the school buses in this 
area useless. But I suppose it is always better safe than sorry. 
The children were so disappointed, the last school days before 
Christmas are good fun, and, of course, Santa was coming. 

So we decided to get the cloves out, the cinnamon, the oranges
and especially the glue. This is the most important 
ingredient of having fun. Nice sticky glue.
We made lots of paper lanterns and decorated oranges. 
This they did not enjoy. Cloves are painful, you know.
The plasters had to come out. The Hello Kitty Plasters.
Not the boring brown ones. They don't work.

The table is now sticky, my thumbs are sore and for some
odd reason my hoover doesn't work anymore after my Julia 
( 5 year old ) demanded she would do the cleaning up (!)


... and I am getting postal paranoid. 
Because if the school buses don't drive. The post will not be delivered either.

(snow melt snow melt snow melt)


  1. I'll keep my fingers very firmly crossed that the snow melts - the post must get through as there's nothing more exciting than parcels, cards and letters being delivered through your letterbox.


  2. it has just started snowing here too. sadly I don't have cloves!! Your creations are lovely.

  3. Hello lovely lady...aren't Christmas crafts with the little ones just special!!!
    Your lanterns are beautiful!
    We love the cloved oranges...but they doo hurt...I now resort to pricking the oranges with a skewer first and then inserting the cloves...less painful.
    SNOW MELT....SNOW MELT...chants from the UK (visiting family for xmas)

  4. :-) :-) Even afzien, maar er ontstaan wel weer hele mooie dingen door!

  5. Ah...snowing here in Virginia too...can't get over all the snow happening all over the northern hemi at the same time!;) It sure is festive!

    Yes, we want the snow to stop too since our Maria is flying home from the UK on Christmas morning!

    I can just smell your lovely oranges and cloves and where in the world did you get paper with measure tapes on it? Wow!!

  6. The snow is melting over here, i guess that doesn't help you over there :)) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...have a great christmas!

  7. the paper lanterns are adorable!! I have never made them before, maybe over Christmas break that would be something for us to do.

  8. .....snow melt...snow melt....snow melt....postal work...postal work....postal work........


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