Friday, 17 December 2010


Is there a better gift than a book? 
Is there a better gift than three books!?
Is there a better gift than three books that have been written 
by a dear friend!?

There goes all my plans to do things.  I will have to sit and read. 
Danika has taken one to read, and Luka another one. 

I am so proud of her! She really did it!
Way back when, in 1988 she was determined to become an author.
We lost touch for a wee while, being so busy with life, but it is 
amazing to have you back in my life again!

Back in 1988, we traveled Europe together. She came to Holland,
I went to New York City. We cried at the train stations in Paris. 
We stayed in a youth hotel in Amsterdam
She made me go into a high school in Italy impromptu 
( just because we happened to walk by it )
and I have really really missed her!

Now I just have to talk her into moving to the South of France!


  1. aw that's wonderful to have friends who have succeeded to make a dream come true !! I'm so happy for your friend, and for you too !

  2. No, there is nothing better than a book by a friend...unless it's from your own daughter and hopefully one day we'll experience that!:)

    Great picture...great hair!!!;)

  3. Oh Anna, that's so wonderful and I think I'd totally do the same!!! Just crab a book and read. It's so lovely that there are many amazing things happening in life... and often they happen when you least expect. Enjoy the books!!!

  4. No I don't believe there is a better present than that! ♥

  5. A dear friend who is an author! How fantastic! How fun! Happy reading, Anna!

  6. What a wonderful story! There is nothing better then to found a lost friend again! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your books and daydreaming about memories you have together!


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