Saturday, 18 December 2010

Oh look

This morning I found the happy email that I won Maki's Give Away!
How beautiful is her pottery! I can not believe my luck!
As I was rambling on FaceBook, I am getting a bit worried about
this winning streak I am on. If I was to win anything else, my paranoia
will kick in, and I will be looking over my shoulder for bad stuff around the 
corner ( yeah I know, I need help. This is why my husband calls me 
Woody Allen ) Apryl suggested  I should organise  a Give Away myself,
just to keep Karma in balance ( thank you Apryl, Karma can not fault that surely!)
So do stay tuned, a Give Away is coming soon.
My husband wants me to go and pick up some lottery tickets * laughs*
Now if I was that lucky, I would surely die of a massive heart attack
( or will that be a massive Karma Attack? )

Happy Weekend x


  1. oh such a beautiful pottery indeed, so happy for you my friend that you've been so lucky recently :) Have a lovely weekend oxoxo

  2. Wonderful pottery to win !
    Maybe the good Karma coming your way makes up for the terrible cold you just got over ?
    I am enjoying your Holiday Posts.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. lovely pottery! Have a restful + heathy weekend!

  4. I too have had a few wins recently so have done some giveaways to compensate :-) You will be fine, you deserve some wins :-)

  5. congratulations! the candle holder gives terrific light effect! I love it:)
    have a happy Sunday!!

  6. I 'd say , you deserve it !
    This beautiful candle holder will look it's best in your lovely home .
    have a nice sunday,

  7. Congratulations! Luck is like a butterfly. If you are calm, it my sit on you, if you are chasing it, it will fly away!

    Calm and peace in christmas!

  8. Oh yipeeee i am so happy you won maki's gorgeous giveaway!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  9. Mijn doos staat te wachten en te wachten en te wachten .... en inmiddels onder de kerstboom . Zo ontzettend heerlijk om uit te kijken naar het moment van openen .
    En ... ik heb de give-away gewonnen bij Koralee van bluebirdnotes ! Een te schattige baby verrassing , voor mijn kleinkind .....
    Stel je voor .... ik loop te dansen en te zingen van blijdschap.
    Jouw meisje ook binnenkort jarig ...allemaal feest overal ! Groetjes

  10. The light lantern is beautiful, and you are too funny!!! :-) Wishing you lots of Christmas Karma!


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