Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Such lovely patience. As we add little decorations here and there. 
When my little ones secretly put secret gifts under the tree. The evenings
are shared with flickering lights and a worrying amount of ovaltines
and hot chocolates. The winter blankets are stacked for the evening,
to cozy under on the sofa, even when the house is not cold.
The  advent calender doors are religiously opened and counted every day.
I  find myself wishing such goodness to those I am sure would
not return the thought. But I wish you well, all year around, but
that bit more in December. Because it matters.
Not the gifts, or what you get. But the thoughts, that are somehow
so much warmer in our coldest Season.

Wrap up and think a happy thought x


  1. who could fail to have happy thoughts visiting here? beautiful, warm and cosy images x

  2. Mooi. Heel mooi.
    Ben er even stil van (want kan dat 'extraatje' deze maand gebruiken). Veel Goeds jouw kant op in return!!

  3. oh my friend, what happy corners of your home ! so cozy & comfy & warm & welcoming :)
    Thank you so much for your card, I received it today. I hope you got mine earlier. Sending you all big hugs xoxo

  4. How beautiful, warm and loving note!
    I wish all people could feel the same.

    Happy thougths and regards to you :)

  5. it all looks so pretty!
    stay warm :)

  6. PS. Dank je voor je ontwapenende comment op m'n blog. Bijzonder en open, zo zie ik ze niet vaak.


    Wat heerlijk he dat dat gewoon maar kan en goed gaat . Jij woont in zuid Frankrijk , ik in Rotterdam . Ik breng een pakje naar het postkantoor ... loop weer naar buiten en lieve mensen zorgen dat het pakje bij jou komt .
    Jouw / nu-mijn pakje is nog helemaal dicht .
    Kan je dat zei mijn lieve dochter Elisabeth ....
    ja hoor .. ik geniet er zo al van ....
    Mooi wat je schrijft in je blog . Ik ben een beetje emo geloof ik . Kerst en dochter weg . Ik moet maar een film kijken die mijn tranen even helpt komen .... lucht altijd op .

  8. Like your house, your blog always seems warm and cozy and it's a pleasure to visit here! I'm thinking happy thoughts for you and your lovely family and of course for my dear ones :)

    I'm glad you enjoy the season! Keep doing it, I'm doing it too :)

  9. so true Anna! so very true your words are. thinkinf of you and your family...


  10. Hope you are better and I so enjoy looking at you Christmas !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Ik stuur jou ook wat gelukkige gedachten!
    x Ingrid

  12. Oh Anna, that was lovely. I want you to know that I think of you every time I put one of your labels on my quilts and table toppers and I have been making a lot of them lately so you have been on my mind.

    Best of everything!!

  13. How lovely thoughts, Anna.
    Thank you.

  14. What a lovely message! And same to you, Anna. xm


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