Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer Sunshine Goodness Give Away!


Summer is here! 
I am happy to share a bit of beach fun with my readers, and would like to give away
a brand new wide Sea Side Cotton tape of one meter + the Sea Side print. 

If you would like the chance to win this, please leave me a comment letting us know how 
you spent your most ideal summer's day. 

Looking forward to hear from you, and many thanks for joining in xxx


  1. My most ideal summer moment...
    Is around five o'clock in the afternoon, when the beach begins to clear out...sitting right at waters edge, reading a good book. The beach is quiet and the sun is golden !
    Thanks so much for the opportunity for this giveaway.
    Your tapes are gorgeous...and is it just me or are they getting more creative as time passes ??
    ;) Rose

  2. My most ideal summer day is having my granddaughter over and us swimming in the pool.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love your new Sea Side cotton tape, it is delightful!!!
    Let me share a little of a favourite summer day - We had a wonderful walk through a seaside rainforest ending in a sunny beach visit. Late that afternoon a sunset bayside walk with our children ended a beautiful Australian day. You can see some of it here:

  4. What a wonderful giveaway, my most ideal summer day, would be ... early evening, the sun is still warm, a light breeze & walking my two boxer dogs in the fields.

  5. My most ideal summer day is to make a aquarelle painting next to the sea and relaxing listening to the sound of the soft waves :)
    Thank you for the oportunity to enter in your giveaway.

  6. my most ideal summer's day would be if I could live near the beach
    in Haamstede , where my parents lived and where I spend so many wonderful summerholidays
    with my children staying at my parent's house .
    My children called my mother OMA-IN-ZEELAND !
    My dream was to be an OMA-IN-ZEELAND myself when I would be a grandmother .
    I live in the city ! My children live here ......
    But my heart is always in zeeland too !
    This beautiful tape reminds me of sea-sand-shells-salt water-flipflops- wind and sunshine .
    it's a miracle that YOU living in the south of France bring those memories to me .
    Thank you Anna

  7. My ideal summer day is playing in the garden with my 2 year old son (after a frantic chase around the house trying to put sun cream on him!) & our Yorkshire Terror Roxy, whilst hubby has the BBQ going!

  8. My ideal summer would be to not go to work and just hang out at a beach watching the waves. Such a peaceful way to spend a day! Those little labels are too cute!

  9. Hi, I'm so pleased to have found you (via Facebook), I'm in love with your beautiful art work...thank you for this opportunity to win some :)
    My ideal summer day would be a huge family picnic, all of us sitting around a huge table under a beautiful tree. There would be lots of love and laughter (and food and drink), and we'd stay there until the sun goes down and the babies are all sleepy.

  10. Hi Anna:
    My most ideal summer day is sitting with friends around a campfire, eating s'mores and sharing old memories.

    Please count me in on this giveaway! I think I'm going to faint! I love the print and the tape. (You know I'm going to go shopping if I don't win, right?)
    Thanks again, my talented friend.

  11. Summer by the sea with my dog just looking at all around

  12. Even on summer I don't like hot and too sunny days:) So I prefer to spend my ideal summer day in forest or near forest lake, picking berries with my daughters and telling them fairy-tales about forest gnomes:)

  13. my favorite summer day was an early morning in the backyard when the sun was coming up and shining through the huge spider web between 2 trees. so peaceful, cool and calming.

  14. I would love to win this beautifulbanner. My favorite summerdays are the ones with running in the early morning sun, having breakfast in the garden with my men.( i am a boys mum:) ) , do a little gardening, make some drawings while I am sitting in the garden , have a healthy BBQ dinner and drink a glass of wine with my husband when the sun is going to sleep.
    I love the outside life a lot.
    Liefs, Melanie

  15. My ideal summer day spent with my daughters on the beach, talking, laughing, swimming and relax wilth them. Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful sunshine give away. I love your work. Thank you for sharing it.

  16. Our ideal summer day would be a day spent on our boat at the lake. We could go fishing in the morning. When things warm up a bit, we could take the boys tubing around the lake. Then we could head to lunch in a small town on the lake, do a little shopping, and then head home.

  17. After the long winter here in Sweden, I love to stay at my island spending days on the beach and walking around on the rocks.Some days sailing to another island on the swedish westcoast.So no doubt that I love your Seaside Cottage Cotton.I would be so happy to win!

  18. My most ideal summer day is sitting in our garden, in the shadow of our willow-house, sprinkler going and our two girls running screaming and laughing through the sprinkler. Happened today :-)

    Herzliche Grüße,

  19. I'd spend it with my family on a little island off the west coast of Ireland - just messing around on the beach and in the water!!

  20. Thrifting, icecream, beach lazing, seashelling all with my boys!:)
    Heather P.
    hef117 (@) gmail (dot) com

  21. Watching my little boy play outside, lovely BBQ, a cold drink and a spot of knitting or crafting outside

  22. Camping in the Outer Banks just on the other side of a sand dune from the big huge ocean....searching for shells early in the morning and snuggling next to a bonfire making smores in the evening!

    You know if I don't win I'm going to buy one!:)

  23. Those beach huts are perfect!
    My favourite way to spend a summers day is at the beach, wandering along the shoreline barefoot, picking up perfect pebbles and shells.

  24. What a perfect start of this long awaited SUMMER
    Thank you!

  25. From my childhood memories : playing on the beach till the sun sets, then running inside to grab some food, play some more outside and watch tv way to long with my grandfather! :D And have tons of ice cream from the stand on the corner ... In my memories the weather was always nice and sunny, but living in Belgium I'm pretty sure it wasn't!

    Now, my fave would be spending it on the grass in a nice garden (I don't have a garden ...), near a lake where you can watch the sunset ... dogs around, knitting, boy making some bbq, ...

    Your drawing is wonderfull! Hope you have been enjoying the summery days!

  26. The ideal summer day is a calm end of afternoon at the beach with the kids and husband. Just love how that makes me feel.
    If I get lucky this will be my 3rd print!! My walls just love your work and me too ;)

  27. Going down into the garden, gardening, playing with the daughters, rolling in the gras, picknicking and reading. Ah, leasure. Spending the hot summer day in the cool shadows of the apple trees. :-)

  28. I love the beach and that's where I want to be. Short, simple and sweet. Thanks, connie

  29. My favorite summer day includes a warm, but not humid and getting to dip in a big pool with friends!

  30. Cute!!!I spent my summer by stitching, reading, walking in teh fields, swimming, going to the lake, phograph my loved lake... love it!

  31. I adore the tape and the artwork, as I adore the beach. However, now that I'm in the Midwest US, I've come to treasure the millions of fireflies that float up out of the field each night, when you add that to the millions of stars up above, it's truly magical. Then the calls of the screech owls to each other just top off this glorious summer night experience!!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  32. What beautiful work and fab designs. My ideal summer would be spent with my family having lazy days around a pool. Watching the sunset and then meandering down to the village for some gorgeous fresh seafood all washed down with some lovely chilled white wine. xx

  33. I used to part-own a beach hut with my two friends and all our kids spent their childhood either on the beach, in the sea or 'camped' outside our hut. I used to pick them up from school and we 'd go to the hut, cooking our tea on the camping stove and we'd stay until it was too dark to see! Such happy memories. xx

  34. Absolutely wonderful work, Anna... as always :)!

    Some sunshine by the lake, good book and ice-cream with fresh strawberries... is the anything more you need?!


  35. In riva al lago sotto le fronde degli alberi, con le mucche che vengono a bere e a pascolare, un buon libro e un venticello fresco.
    I tuoi lavori sono sempre più belli.

  36. My ideal summer day would be spent by taking a long walk along the beach with our dog, Jess the Jack Russell terrorist. After which I would walk along the sea front to buy an icecream at my favourite ice cream parlour, The Harbour Bar.

  37. Oh I do love your new print and tape, it's so pretty and bright and cheery. I love to potter around in my garden on a summer's day, but then visiting my daughter and wandering around a London park, having an ice cream is pure perfection! Hope you're having some sunshine :)

  38. I hope it's no to late to leave a comment on my ideal summer day............I love to wake up to the sun and birds singing! Take a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood........come back and sit down to read the paper with a great cup of coffee and maybe a bowl of fresh fruit! Then I would probably love to visit fresh farmers market everyday but that just isn't possible.......usually you can find 2 a week for locals. Plan a simple dinner and then enjoy my afternoon doing whatever comes my way............If I could I would lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine!

    I LOVE SUMMER DAYS! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. My favorite summer's day would be to sit on a mountain top with my husband and grown children - to see their smiles, hear their laughter and share long conversations over a delicious picnic. Bliss!


Thanks ever so much for sharing your thoughts!