Monday, 17 June 2013

I Believe.

Never let anyone take your dreams, always believe in your self! 


  1. I am always surprised when I see work of you .
    I imagen you in your home/house filled with family
    And moments of inspiration come by and you sit and disappear in your own beautiful world
    Tea there too .....
    All your colors and pens and brushes and stuf .....
    Getting something as beautiful as this on paper would be awesome for me
    but hey ....not for you
    I have no idea what happens next .
    How you found a place where they make the tapes
    as beautiful as you wished for ......
    There must be a whole world where I have no idea of .....
    and than there are the tapes and you show them .....
    and they find their way to women who are going to make beautiful things
    with the tapes .
    Happiness spread by you .......
    started in your head-house-world .
    You make me very happy just by showing and sharing !
    Happy creating Anna

  2. Utterly beautiful work Lilalotta! Loving it! x maki


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