Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I believe

I believe in soothing sunshine. And friends that stick around wether you are flying high or digging holes. I think there is wrong in being right, and there is rights in being wrong. I understand that life offers me a kaleidoscope of colours, and some might not be to my liking. But it shows me the rainbow of light when the skies are darker than night.
I believe I have no idea who I am, and don't expect anyone else to understand me. I am on a journey with no particular destination, I wander, so therefore I shall be lost.

And I believe that it is our differences that make us all so much alike. And you must always remind yourself, that you are perfect just the way you are. And then do the funky chicken. Just because you can.



  1. thanks for the reminder, hope you feel it too! xxx

  2. It's all about the journey Anna ....
    and wandering is such a joy !
    You are never lost .... You are where you are and that's where you are suppost to be .....
    Remember you are a MOTHER and a safe place for your children ....human beings on their way to be what they intended before they were born.
    They choose you for their mother so you can make it possible for them.
    That's a great job and you ALSO ARE AN ARTIST
    How amazing is that ! You are an example for your children and you my dear them and discouver what they show you ....what's to learn from THEM ......
    You will be surprised .......
    Life has so much to give ........
    And you are such an inspiration to so many of us
    All the best !

  3. I love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for the sweet reminder. Some days I need it!

  5. Замечательный пост!!!

  6. Wonderful post! But always remember although you prob feel like your here nor there, you mean the world too your family & loved ones and of course to all of us followers out here who you inspire each week :) hugs kristy

  7. beautifull text and the painting.. :)

  8. you and your words are inspiring, Anna.....thanks!


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