Friday, 4 May 2012

Cauliflower and other vegetables.


Contrary Mary is what I am. I can't sit and watch television, not for long any ways. I am a bit like a cauliflower, and don't pay much attention to my surroundings. I give a total different meaning to being a "couch potato". With a concentration span of a vegetable. But I can sit and focus on tiny lettering for hours, and have the lumpy bit on my finger (where the pen rests) all bruised and complaining. Besides our family does a lot of talking. When one is done, the other starts. It is like an orchestra of vocals. Actually watching a program is an impossibility. So nothing is lost. 

But in the last couple of weeks I have discovered reading (again). Ooo to sneak in a page here and there.  I have stocked up on some new books, and am on a mission to read and graze on the written word. Allowing those grey dormant cells up there to activate for a change. 

My children have partial blindness though. I am certain. They are not aware that holding up a book close to the facial area is indeed reading, and continue to talk to me regardless. Little do they know, that I have partial hearing, and I keep reading regardless. This is a great understanding. And I have the nodding down to an art form. 

Come evening I do the reading, listening, nodding, chatting thing all at simultaneously. 

Yes, it is good to read! 


  1. Soooooo to read and have a stack of books......I just love books!!

  2. Anne Tyler is one of my favourite writers - she writes about people so very well!

  3. Anna:
    I admit to watching entirely too much television, but when the Reading Bug bites, I'm thoroughly infected. I read for hours and days on end until I finish the book, and then immediately start chewing through another. Last summer, I read through about six books over a period of weeks! I think I should plan for that again this summer. (Just like when I was a kid enjoying summer vacation from school)
    Thanks for sharing your own story!

  4. I am looking forward to summer, when I will have more time to read. Hmmmm, what's your favorite Ann Tyler novel so far??

  5. Don't you know that when you sit down with a book it's an open invitation for EVERYBODY to start talking to you? It's a great way to get everyone's attention that is for sure!! Lol.

  6. It made me giggle a bit, to imagine you doing those nodding-and-pretending-to-listen things :-) oh yes, the blindness. my husband seems to have it, too. talking to me while i try to focus on something to read or write.

  7. "nodding down to an art form" LOL!


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