Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sitting in the Sun

There is always work and things to do. 
There is always that 'one more thing' that should have been done 
yesterday. And time itself does not stop, at all. 
Believe me, I have tried removing the batteries from the clocks.

But, we can fill up our time with things that really matter. 
The laundry will still be there. And having teenagers I am used
to the stinky socks.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! We must treasure the memories we share with them, Smiles. Hope you have a wonderful day
    Kristy x

  2. So very true ! the laundry will always be there but the children grow and change everyday and who wants to miss that ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hello, your work is beautiful! I Hope you don't mind but I have featured one of your tapes on my blog:


  4. Wat een plaatje! Goed om af en toe gewoon even te gaan zitten in het zonnetje en de boel de boel te laten :-).
    X Ingrid

  5. Dearest sweet anna, your home is truly beautiful! I love this post so much and i love the way you write...everything just rhymes! I also really adore your bird mobile. :) Im thinking of making a mobile as a prop for my table setting for the upcoming first one! :) Have a lovely merry happy friday and love to you!


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