Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Fruit

Fruit hunting in our village. Every bush and tree seems to be hiding something
colourful and yum. Fruits and nuts everywhere.


Definitely nothing in there, though....


  1. yes, fruits everywhere !! such a bounty !
    sorry but the mama in me had to smile at the blue garage door ... eheh so cute xoxo

  2. how sweet!! I'm kind of craving that kind of life...

  3. hi dear Anna, so lucky to have such bountiful fruits ! i am back from my sailing vacation and will be here more often, leaving comment on your lovely blog. have to take care of my blog too. it has been much neglected.^_^
    hope all is well
    monique xoxo

  4. Love the bottom nearly poking out of the shorts - cheeky!!!!

    I can't wait to go Blackberrying. Love em in fruit pies with lashings of sweet yummy custard - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. What a magical place you live !
    I can't believe all the different fruits that just grow where you live.
    Your children will look back and remember all of this.
    In the second to last picture, I can't tell, maybe apples or pears ?

    cheers. parsnip

  6. i think that you must live in paradise!!! enjoy all your fruity goodness.....and enjoy the rest of the summer with your kids!!! xoxo, :))

  7. Gorgeous. I love the blue door piccie too, very cute!

  8. Plums galore. I love those little goldy greeny ones here called Reine Claude. I was eating them off the tree this morning whilst hanging out the washing then got some of the things sticky so they had to go back in the machine!

  9. I love the harvest time everywhere. I was just outside in my yard last night snapping pictures of the walnuts and chestnuts growing bigger. Oh, and I can't WAIT for acorns!!

  10. beautiful painting, happy that you are finding time to paint again ! what i did this week ? well, it was my 1st week by myself, hubby went back to work. i did some art dolls, just posted them in my blog. i hope all of you who read this will pop to see them and leave comment ? i have been gone almost all summer and admit my blog has been a bit over neglected. Had to swipethe spider webs ( smiles )
    hugs to you sweet Anna xoxo


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