Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Oh what will it be like to get up at six in the morning again?  Rushing around and getting five children ready for school. No more open windows. Noisy song birds in the hedge and lizards running up and down the walls of the house. 
Oh woe,is me. 


  1. such a lovely landscape. and such lovely children, as always. your life, on pictures, looks like out of life style magazines :-) great you enjoy summer. I do so, too.

  2. Remember that feeling so well. And please can you adopt me...I want your children's clothes....!

  3. What beautiful children you have. You've taken some lovely photos of them frolicking about in the pretty countryside.

  4. Prachtige plaatjes!!

    en ik bedacht het mij vanmorgen ook, wat heerlijk, die lome ochtenden en niet de ochtend race, we genieten er nog flink van, september is nog ver weg, gelukkig.

  5. This is how I am beginning to feel as August goes on...getting up at 5:15 a.m. instead of sleeping til 8. Rushing out the door in the darkness and chill, instead of lying on listening to birds and then blogging. Doing mounds of paperwork instead of creating freely... sigh.

  6. i know, i know.... it's just going too quickly, I counted the days to these holidays and already they are flying by.... x

  7. I've loved our later starts as well. School enrollment begins today. Eek!

  8. Gorgeous photos...your children are SO beautiful...
    You're going to be a BUSY Mama!
    we have another month before school starts.
    Have a good week.

  9. Beautiful children and the way you captured the moment.I am already rushing around with registration and not happy about it..especially because my oldest is going to middle school and I just dont want it to happen.Sigh.Big Hugs,Cat

  10. I'm glad you're having such an amazing summertime with your lovely family:)
    take care

  11. Congratulations for the work and the Blog
    You have good taste
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  12. Fab photos, they are really lovely.

  13. this morning I was thinking the same ....
    I don't have small children anymore in my house but....I have them at school !
    Their mothers and fathers will be busy helping them in the morning while I ride on my bike ...enjoying the very early morning with the birds and the dewdrups ......
    And than ... my firts coffee at school in an empty classroom .......
    and than ... at last MY CHILDREN .......
    The mothers and fathers are going home or to their jobs .... And I ..... I enjoy ! !
    You can fill your new book and drive around in your Smartie ! Have a nice day .

  14. oh nice atmosphere overthere.I think after runnin'around in the make a cup of thee and drawing in silence ?

  15. Hi so nice to meet you - I got here from Lori's site over at elvie studio - I am on my second of her blank hournal books - love them more than anything I have tried - I know what you mean about getting up at six again - I also go back to work next week after 2 glorious weeks doing just what I want when I want!!!

  16. What a beautiful blog you have! I cannot wait to read more! =)


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