Friday, 9 April 2010

Birds United

[ eye spy with my little eye ]

When ever I draw or paint anything my children are usually
at the table with me, on my lap and using the paints.
At times demanding the paint brush from my hands. 
They are also very opinionated, and have a need
to name just about everything I paint. 
These birdies flew onto paper a while ago, and I will always
remember the discussion at the table, as to what their names were.
*scratches head...* I suppose we can't be considered 'normal'

Happy Weekend to you!


  1. THANK GOODNESS you are not normal LOL silly girl ! I hope I'm not normal neither !! Normality is boring. Originality is the key. How darling that you paint at the table with the kids, I shall do that too !
    I think what I love best with these birdies has to be their cheeks ! I'm in love !!
    Have a most wonderful weekend too !!

  2. That's wonderful Anna! Family is the first and when it's ok, life is perfect!!! Congratulations! :-)

  3. Ah! Your family anecdotes and art make me smile from ear to ear! And your love shines through in everything you do. "Mabel" is speaking to me this morning...! Have a lovely weekend! ~K

  4. :D I love the birds! And they have so suiting names! The "I spy" birds have been a favorite of mine for a long time. Whatever they spying on, I think they disapprove...

    Happy and sunny weekend to you too!

  5. Ahhhh, Amelia, love that name. I had the cardinals out eating bird seed this morning.....the male AND the female, I had named them Russ and Betty, your names are much better, and your children are sooo lucky to have an awesome mom like you with such a great imagination!!!

  6. Dear Anna !
    When you made tapes whit this birds? :))
    Dorota Szczurek

  7. LOVE your birds Anna! I would like to have a wall filled with bird art from different artists. As for now my walls are filled with my kiddo's art and my weekend project is to make a craft corner for my daughter. Her papers and pens are all over the place... It's normal to be creative in our home too :)

  8. Amazing birds!! I like them :)

  9. Hello!

    I absolutely love Mabel and the Proper Princess!
    They can come and live at my house any time!!!

    Hugs, & Have a Wonderful (SPRING) Weekend!

  10. I love your birds, Anna! Your kids gathered around you surely make a great sight! Have a great weekend, I know you reserve time for your loved ones :)

  11. Beautiful birdies with fab names :-)

  12. such lovely birds, and so fun spending time with your children finding names for them. :)
    reminds me when my girls gave names to the hens of our chicken coop.
    hugs to you Anna xoxo

  13. wow, your bird paintings are fantastic - and I love their names.

  14. wonderful birds! great colours.


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