Thursday, 1 April 2010


Please  let me introduce Topsy IV. 

He is part of a larger group that turn my life upside down.

Thank goodness for that! 
Life would be pretty boring without the crazy little people x 


  1. LOL
    please kiss this little one & his sibblings for me ! oxoxo

  2. Nice to see your boy Anna. I'm always curious how children of other crafters look like. Do you know what I mean? YOu see so often creations of peoples but do not have idea how their greatest creations look :) Cute guy!

  3. aahh isn't he sweet. Like you say kids are just fab for adding that something special/crazy/spontaneous/scrummy in your life.

  4. What a charming face! He looks like he could come up with lots of pranks and funny faces.


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