Sunday, 25 March 2018

Flower Garden Blanket

 How does one control oneself when in a yarn shop?
They don't.
At least I don't.
I just can not resist all the yummy yarns and the idea of sitting down
and creating something wonderfully soft with happy coloured yarn.
Maybe it is just a yarn-thing.
I don't know.

I add some coffee and tea to the mix.
Some candles and some music and I just create.
I often have no plan.
I just start, and it happens somehow.

This popcorn blanket I made for a lovely lady as an order.
The colours are just poppy and happy.

And the Garden blanket was born.
It has such a lovely feel of Summer.

I don't often take on orders for crochet blankets, because it takes such
a long time to make these. But I could not resist.

I had just made a large soft flower cushion,
and I thought it would look wonderful as a blanket, too.

The cushion is available for purchase in my shop, but the large blanket
has already been sold.
If you like you can have a look, the link is in the top.


  1. lovely blanket and pillow! a lot of work

  2. I used to own a blanket just like this - even the edges! My gramma made it. I needed some repair work done and a so so sweet lady at church offered to fix it. Somehow when a bunch of her items were disposed of by her children so was my crochet wonder. This brings back such dear memories. Thank you a million times over for posting it.

    1. Thank you so much for writing me such a lovely comment. I am every so sorry you lost the blanket along the way of living life. It always makes me sad to hear such stories.


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