Thursday, 14 September 2017

Small Beginnings

Just a very small beginning of making something bigger. 
By my calculations I will need a LOT of these little squares.
A whole lot. Good thing Autumn is a couple of months long, I will
need this time to crochet on and on and on.

I seem to have gone from timid quiet colours, to bursting at the seams colours
The ones that laugh loudly and can't be overlooked.
Not sure what is going on, but I am liking this added colour to my life.
In the meantime I am working on lots of new illustrations.
I have this blog I need to rebuild, a new website to make, and eventually I will re-open
my etsy shop again. It is hard to believe my shop has been closed for so many years.
Life really does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it.
It makes me really sad, but there is no point lingering in that feeling.
It can't be changed. But my future definitely can, and I am planning on just doing that!
Here is to the future!


  1. Continue to press forward. One foot in front of the other - and before you know it, when you least expect it - it will happen.
    Beautiful vibrant jewel tones !

  2. What beautiful colours! This will help you feel summery as fall comes in!


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