Saturday, 5 August 2017

Busy table

I have a busy table in the middle of my home.
The more that is on it, the more it makes for happy feelings.
Lots of projects happening all at once. And the table gets quite a lot
of visitors joining in with even more projects.
I just love the sound of children around me, and the constant chat and sounds.
Quiet is not something that happens very often in my home.

This week I received this wonderful book in the post from my lovely friend Debs.
I am very grateful for having such sweet friends in my life (heart)

There was even a big plate of donuts this week! 
A home is not quite complete without some crazy calories.
I was definitely aiming for the cinnamon donut.......

My paintbox seems to have a permanent stay on my table.
I guess the lay out of the mess would be a bit odd without it.


  1. going to have to order the book! my dining room table has always been a hub of activity

  2. Beautiful painting and delicious donuts. Yummy :)


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