Monday, 10 July 2017

Just a bit Hooked

It was not that long ago I decided to try out crocheting.
I was convinced that I would neeeever be able to do it, but the yarn shop and I got along so well,
that I ended up having a silly amount of yarn, and am now officially hooked.

I can't even say I ever have a plan.
I just get into a shop, and I run my hands over some yarn, and that is it.
Got to get it.

It is like finding a really good friend.
Being incredibly restless and having no ability to relax, crochet is keeping me happily busy.

 Needless to say I have a bunch of lovely people in my life who have 'ordered' blankets,
cushions and whatnot's for me to crochet for them.
Do I mind?
Nah not at all.
 It is such a lovely gift to make for my loved ones, and it is keeping me entertained for hours and hours in the evenings (when I can't seem to sit still)

Not to mention the shopping trips to yarn shops
I am hopelessly hooked on crochet....

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