Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Home Sweet Home dangles ♥


Oh dear sewing machine you have been missed much!
It was so nice to sit and sew again. It has been too long.
I made some soft cotton dangles again, and it was a perfect little summer afternoon.
Me and the machine with hot tea keeping me company.
I have used one of my watercolour illustrations on the cotton fabric.
If you would like to have one of the dangles as a key-companion,
please visit my shop online.
It is funny how something so simple as sewing can be such a joy.
I am hoping the hot weather will ease up a little, though.
Sewing with fans blowing is not the easiest of tasks.


  1. I have one of your older ones from several years ago.
    It hanging by my door with old house keys on it.

    cheers, parsnipand thehamish

  2. Yay, they are so cute! :) Jolana

  3. Die zijn mooi. Zelf heb ik sleutelhanger-visjes van leer gemaakt. Kijk maar hier >

  4. I have one of your key dangles, too. It makes me smile every time I see it.


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