Wednesday, 28 May 2014

my love my love

Even my littlest child is growing so quickly, tall and vocal
noisy and full of kindness.
I have through living life discovered that none of the circumstances you may find yourself in matter.
These might do when you are looking for land, in the midst of watery circumstances. But in
hindsight, no. None of it does. Only love and family and friends.
People come and go, in one door and out another. Some leave trails on your heart, and you will
remember them forever with a warmth. And then there is those that stamped on your heart, and left
other kind of marks, those that show you that you never want to be anything like them. And I am not.
So I am grateful for all the good people and all the rubbish ones.
And thankful for all the crappy circumstances that have led me to this point in my life,
exactly where I am. Thank you for having been there along the way to here.


  1. Wonderful words.

    cheers, parsnips

  2. The power of words is amazing . Here I am sitting and catching up on reading blogs .
    So glad you are here Anna . you share and ....inspire ....A LOT ..... a lillalott !


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