Wednesday, 6 November 2013


... days fly by, and my hands can not keep up. I have paintings drying, and tapes to be rolled and wrapped and packed. Christmas shopping to be done. Many online shops to drool over. Stories to be read. Chatting to be done. Lunch to be made.  But I have found the solution to create calm...

... just add biscuits and tea to the chaos.... 

mmmmbiscuits x


  1. I will definitely do that today!;)

  2. Good idea! So cute!

  3. Biscuits and tea it is! My little treats when the chaos in my studio is taking over, when the days are far too long and the nights way too short. While I am typing this, the tea kettle is singing on the stove - to cheer me up because this Sunday is a busy one, with a few dolls to finish. But tea and biscuits do the trick, they really do ;-)

    Have a sunny day, dear Anna!


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