Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bobbin along

I am returning to my first love of writing and illustrating. 
All those little ideas coming together, all gathered in endless folders and note books. 
I have been approached to illustrate a Lilla Lotta book, and I have been overflowing with 
ideas. I understand this 'project' will take a long time to create, and being a mum of five I will
be very restricted on the amount of extra things I can do. But I wanted to remain creating Lilla Lotta
items for those who would like to own bits of my illustrations. If I can't share my doodles and fiddles it does not really make sense in my head. 

So every now and then I will have some things available and
have been considering perhaps taking on custom designs for logos and lettering.
I was never able to do this before because I just did not have any time left in the day. 

I am pondering about how I will do this, as I will not keep my etsy shop open. 
I will be re-creating this blog somehow, and become a different kind of 'Lilla Lotta' if that makes 
any sense? I am not sure if that makes much sense to me. 

* laughs* 

Honestly, I am quite normal

I will ponder about this a bit longer and see if I can somehow re-invent Lilla Lotta.
Any thoughts on this would be really welcome x


  1. Well, designing for others can be tricky and time consuming. Perhaps you can have logos ready for people to choose from and then you do not have to put so much time into it. It can really be a time saving thing to say that they can only choose from the already made ones. Good luck, love all your work.

    1. Thank you so much for your message! This is such a good idea! I will definitely have a think about how to set that up. Wonderful!

  2. So glad to see you back again. ;)
    As with any change, it is best to narrow your focus onto what it is you would like to expand upon.
    Sometimes that means giving up or placing on 'hold' other things / projects / work.
    (Unfortunately, we cannot do everything...)
    I have found that when I am able to keep myself focused, the rest willl play out itself and I will see what 'things' I must "tweak" or eliminate. Always moving forward with the main focus.
    Funny how things just seem to 'reveal' themselves, as you make necessary changes !
    I wish you the best of luck in your progress.

  3. Thank you so much Rose. It has been such a balancing act, and trying to find the middle road certainly has been very challenging. I will trust that it will show itself to me as I make choices. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message!

  4. Quando passo da qui resto sempre incantata da questo magico mondo!

  5. You could shape your blog so that it is your own domain and have tabs at the top of the page that link to different aspects of Lilla Lotta....lots of people sell from their own website.
    Yes, custom can be crazy. I know when I have thought of having an online shop I always thought I would rather have items for sale and not commission stuff!:)
    The book sounds so exciting, congrats!

  6. Fijn dat je toch weer aan het bloggen bent!
    Een frisse start doet soms wonderen...ben benieuwd naar wat je allemaal gaat maken. En zeker naar dat boek!


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