Thursday, 18 April 2013

Happy Dance

Home is such a state of mind. I can settle just about any where, and am not bothered much 
about anything. I tend to live in my own little bubble, in my own bubble world. 

Having been smack in between here and there, somewhere and nowhere, I am glad that the madness
of packing and stacking is going to start, and I will be flying onwards to our new home and new lives. 
It will be good to go back to where I was once before.

The children and I are very excited. 
*little happy dance*

The top illustration was made with many many layers of my water colour illustrations. 
For some odd reason I could not stop myself, and kept adding. This is of course a mental disturbance. 
But the coffee was good, the radio was fine and even the sun decided to come to the room. 

All is good.


  1. That is wonderful!! You should make it a print for your store :)
    I know that someday soon you will find your ground, you'll be happiest most with those around you who are the most important. Because Love makes a house a home :) Kristy Thinking of you

  2. So very lovely thank you for showing and keep dancing the happy dance.

  3. I love it. Good morning from the snowy state of south Dakota. We are shoveling our way out again this morning.

  4. Absolutely wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Love the houses a lot.
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. New exciting for you and the kids!;)

    That is some cute village. Love the phone booth!

  7. Happy to hear so happiness from you. Quite in a similar state. Lovly country: it remember me St. Tropes... love little streets between houses on a hill...

  8. I agree with you, home is a state of mind. I also believe happyness is a matter of choice. Think how much freedom we get if we are able to put those 2 things into practice!
    The illustration is adorable. Like your friend Kristy, I think you should make it a print and sell :D
    Happy packing!


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