Friday, 12 October 2012

Without words.

A bit of ink, and a bit of paint. And another bit of ink. Whilst the rain beats on the windows.
I am still beyond talking. Beyond putting thoughts into words. I will be virtually visual for now.
If that's okay.



  1. Bu güzel deseni ne kadar sürede çizdiğinizi merak ediyorum. Harika!

  2. I look at the beautiful branches and can't help but wonder what was in your mind when you drew them. It must have been so therapeutic. :)

  3. I am waiting for every post on your blog. I love your art, it inspires me. You have such pleasant style... I miss the houses from the top of your blog!
    Have a nice day. You can visit me and my art on my two blogs. s.

  4. Love it! Keep your chin up sweet Anna!

  5. It's more than okay. Just be. This is beautiful too! Hugs, kath

  6. Love the red berries in the tree.

  7. there are all kinds of talking
    with ink is okay of course Anna .
    You are the best in that part .
    So you ink and ink and ink and have a good time
    Hope october brings you inspiration to have a cosy month

  8. completely sweet and charming
    i love the details in the tree and bird
    lovely weekend to you~

  9. I'm glad your finding yourself through painting. It's lovely to see that pic, the red seems to resemble Christmas & winter to me :) it's pleasant to look at indeed. I think of you often, kristy xx


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