Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The wind


Time to get going. Dusty paints and trusted pens. It is good to find you in the bottoms of boxes. The rainy windy weather is perfect for cups of tea and painting. Now if only I can find my paper, I seem to have run out. *ponders*
I am slowly finding my feet, and wanting to paint again is a wonderful feeling. It has been a while. My shaky hands seem less, so perhaps the lettering is possible again, too.

Did I already tell you it is fabulous to be back on Northern soil!
The wind is whipping around the house, and skies are raining buckets.

Ahhh good to be back home!


  1. Yeah....Anna wants to paint!!!!! That's awesome girlie...keep going!;)

  2. My heart sings to see this positive, hearfelt post from you today.
    After reading your many posts and seeing glimpses of the journey you have been is good to see your spirit rebound.

  3. Good for you sweet Anna! Just what you need to be doing..........keep it up!

  4. Keep up with your new found strength Anna, I have been away from the blog world for sometime, but can tell through a few posts I've read of yours that you are coming out of a difficult journey. I pray this next one will fill your heart with wonderfulness.

  5. Hello...I have been following your blog for some time now, and it is so wonderful to read a happy post from you :) Sorry you have been through such a rough time.

    Caroline xx

  6. Nothing feels better than to be HOME !
    with a paint brush in your hand.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. why is it always The good news people like to hear and read ?
    I have loved to read about your struggles , your honesty , your frankness.
    For me that's a part of the painting-of-life where the warm and deep colours appear ....the unexpected gold , the surprise of connecting , of new appearances . SEE THE LIGHT .
    Wish you well dear Anna
    I do not know anything about your music-taste but my son put the new album of Mark Knopfler on my Ipod called PRIVATEERING
    I love it .

  8. Cheers to the wind and rain. Home sweet home. Lovely post.

    my best,

  9. Home sweet home, my friend... and i´m happy to know that you are painting again, if you wont just past true my blog and imagine the place i have been, you would love also, and the wind was soft and pleasent ...
    Hugs with care

  10. Dear Anna,

    I was using one of your lovely labels today on a quilt and thought I'd check your blog to see if you were writing again... It is wonderful that you are back painting and creating art.. You sound so upbeat, like your old self... If you're now '' does that mean you're back in Ireland - if so you'll love the rest of the Autumn and Winter - guaranteed windy and rainy weather.

    Lots of warm wishes,


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