Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tea Glorious Tea


Ever since I stopped drinking coffee, all this tea has gone to my head. 
Obviously. *smiles* I've got tea on the brain. 
I hope you like my brand new illustration I made for my shop. 
It has been great to paint again. My hands don't shake as much anymore.


  1. It is perfect! And i'd like to see the painted cabinet or whatever it is you have the painting photographed on.

  2. Very nice and so happy to hear your feeling better !
    I too would love to see the cabinet.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Amazing how you managed to pull of the writing in white! Fab Anna!!

  4. This is beautiful! Love it!!

    I have given up coffee too!!!! Ha ha! I can't quite believe it myself..... Although I am so tempted by the smell of it wafting from the neighbors....
    Have you also given up chocolate?????? :-p

  5. of course a perfect new painting - as always! :)
    talking about coffee - i hate coffee, i hate the taste of it (which is kinda weird cuz everyone around loves it).. if you like drinking tea a lot and need a good kick like from a coffee (coffee really doesn't give a kick, but nevermind..) you should try one day YERBA MATE :)
    It has a lot of different flavours and it's very healthy :) a good thing for teaholics! :)

  6. ANnnNNNNAAAA!! I received my Gentle Giant and Home is Where the Heart is prints and they are AMAZING!:) I can't wait for Valentine's Day as I am giving Gentle Giant to my husband!:)
    Thanks soooooo much....so happy to see you painting!

  7. Those colours, fantastic!

  8. It's a lovely illustration. No coffee for me. I switched to tea years ago.
    Love green tea with a spot of honey.

  9. Oh I am and I was and will always be a fan of your work Anna
    I so love what you do and how you do it
    I mean being a mom and a wife and a friend and ........
    an artist .....
    Have you considered to have made postcards from your art ?
    I am into the postcards ....
    I know you have this love with the fabrics but ......
    just an idea ....
    and I love your TEA .

  10. Absolutely love this illustration, Anna! i really like the blue and red and the dots....how lovely. It also makes me feel like painting something! :) I have also nearly given up coffee the past couple weeks. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! xo Karen

  11. Que trabalho lindo, adorei!!! Está á venda? QUE TAMANHO TEM? BEIJINHOS!!


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