Friday, 9 December 2011


Matroyshka Dangles

Sometimes all you want to do is sit and sew. 
I have wanted to close all my shutters and shut out the sunshine that seems to brighten the house too much. I want rain, I want thunder. I would like a dark sky at least, gloomy clouds and all that. But nope. 
I think I need to move up North. Keeping my fingers crossed some of that wintry weather will be heading our way soon.... perhaps this Weekend! (hopeful look) As we are decorating our home with Christmas goodies. I can feel some ginger biscuits coming and hot chocolate (and closed shutters :) 



  1. Oh die matroeskas zijn lief. Zo een paar met lavendel in voor de kast op te leuken en de motten weg te houden.... Heel mooi!!!

  2. Fantastic!! And PS: at our country is dark sky the whole day, gloomy clouds and rain rain rain :-( But last year at the same time was a beautiful snow wintertime! :-) J.

  3. Here's storm and a bit rain, but a clear sky with the alpes in the background and the most beautyful sundown. Perfect weather for curling up with a cup of tea and some knitting.

  4. Love those darlings! Thought I was the only one who would wish for dark sky and gloomy clouds and drawn curtains! It is such a cosy feeling :-)

  5. Hi!
    My name is Katya.
    I am from Russia.
    I love Matroyshka!!!!!!!)))))))))))
    They are delicious.

  6. delicious indeed ! Ooooo...Aaaaaa...that is all i can say....OMG, will i have to spend again ? ^_^

  7. Love love these! How wonderful they are, a home day inside with biscuits & hot chocolate sounds perfect :) kristy xx

  8. Ohhh! You don't know what you wish for... Up here in the north it's been dark, rainy and tornado winds for two weeks now. And there seem to be no end to it. I would swap place with you any day. The matroyshkas are lovely by the way.

  9. They are adorable!!


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