Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lilla Lotta Give Away ((closed))

The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. BUT... what would you like to see on a cotton tape? On the slim tape, or the wide tape? In the cream or on the white?
What kind of illustrations? What wording? A saying perhaps?
I would love to know your ideas, and if I pick yours, I will create the tape, and send it to you as a gift!

Thank you so much for joining in, I can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas x


  1. Hi Anna:
    I have a few ideas:
    •"Heart of my Heart"
    •"Kiss me goodnight"
    •anything reminiscent of Harry Potter
    •something with puppies.

  2. Dearest swet anna, how very exciting!! It's that time of the year again for this wonderful give away. I am looking at my angel table lamp and thinking that little angels with wording "I am here for you" on your wide tape in cream color. I can just picture it right now. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you!

  3. oh wow, i like your give away's and i am confident one of these days i am going to win...so here goes...i love urchin shells, and think that they would make a lovely repeat pattern...and flowers that have patterns on them...like dotty daisies, or roses with stripes...and the last idea, i love watch faces..that are quirky....

  4. Oh..what a great idea.....now I am going to think about this all day....I will get back to you with some ideas!! Happy Day to you!

  5. Hello Anna! I love all your tapes and the possibility to inspire you for another one is fantastic. :)
    I have a few ideas:
    - an ornament in art nouveau-style (I just love this epoch)
    - cloverleaf (for good luck - and because of the colour)
    - swallows (they remember me to my childhood and they are a sign for freedom to me)
    - "not all who wander are lost" (Tolkien)
    - I´m still in love with your "Little Red"-illustration, so what about other fairytales? Maybe Snow White (she is lying in her bed with all the dwarfs around) or Cinderella (doves, shoes...).
    Have a lovely day!

  6. I would like to see a tape with forest scene or seashore.

  7. Anna this is a fabulous giveaway, you create the most beautiful ribbon! I would love to see something with angels or maybe trees.......Merry Christmas or Joyeux Noel.....I am sure any fairy tale would be lovely too!!!
    I would love to have Jack in the Box for my new grandson, with the thinner tape in white I could make him a bunting bag and a ball.......
    Margaret B

  8. HI Anna, well the idea would be one undred and more....
    !..one is my signature second the name of my blog...so i can wrap my gift with bougies cotton tape. or another idea is.. the reciep of biscuits.. iwill made for my dear friends christmas bicuits,we can write how to made bicuits on a ribbon tape or only the ..or ingredients. third candy canes...
    the most nice for me is the message tha my husband wrote for me at our wedding day "THE SUN KISSING OUR DAY"

  9. I would like to see a tape with qute owls or drawn crowns...the patterns should be in black and the tape should be beige or white.

  10. Well, I could think of many whimsical things that I would like...but, on a practical but cute note:

    "Happy Birthday" (one line) " to You!" (below Happy Birthday - the words are stacked like in your "i love you this much" tape ) alternating with a cake on a pedestal drawing (as only you can do!)

    This would be on the wide (white) tape. You could use it as gift wrap ribbon or cut one repeat and sew it on a hand made gift or card.

  11. What a great giveaway!:)) I see my lately favourite saying: "friends are family you choose". I would love to have some little smiling faces on it:) I would use it to wrap presents for my friends or sew it on the gifts for closest ones:)
    If you like my pictures feel free to join my anniversary giveaway :)

  12. Wow! That's wonderful!!!! Let me think... Yeah! I heart your wording tape and I would love a Shakespeare's sonnet to cut in verses and to make a quilt with!!! Please! Pic me! On the cream tape, a love sonnet, with some little hearts or somthing like that... and hot colours! Brown and cream... perhaps!

  13. i would love to see:
    Remember to Laugh...on the slim tape, in different colors, maybe an abstract design in the background.

  14. Heb je al eens iets met een heleboel verschillende poezen en poezenvoetjes gedaan? Dat lijkt me heel leuk. Groetjes Peej

  15. Hi
    Here I give you some texts that you may be able to use your wonderful tape.
    Sincerely, Ann Dahlin from Sweden
    ann.dahlin @ hotmail.com

    Home is where the heart is
    What a Wonderful day
    Make each day your masterpiece
    It´s the little things that makes life Big
    We all have a place where we are at their best
    All we need is each other
    Learn life's great mystery, love, forgive and forget
    Say it with wisdom word
    It's so much more friendly with two
    Pooh has many fine quotes

  16. what a nice giveaway! I would love to see the tape with our family members names or the tape with my late cat's paws

  17. wow!
    I'd love to see a story on the tape, or perhaps some monsters gathering to drink a mid-afternoon tea, or, no, wait! I'd love to see a seahorse riding a earth-horse or a horse diving into the sea.. I'd love something blue and light blue with seaweeds with some shy fish peeping out.. or, wait again! I'd love to see just a small piece of something, a beak or a wing, black on cream tape, to arouse my fantasy... or I'd love to see a strange procession of even stranger creatures, going who knows where just out of the tape!
    And I'd love to illustrate any of the things mentioned above :)

  18. Gosh! what a question!!!
    Some text??? or perhaps pictures? maybe houses!

  19. I would love to see pictures of the Raven King :)

  20. I love your tapes so much. I thought about it and I would like to see a dragon.

    cheers. parsnip

    It is meant to be the word verification was ramen !

  21. Wow....a chance to give you an idea...how awesome!:)

    Since I use your tapes mostly for loops to hang little mini quilts or on pot holders I think it would be adorable to have some with:

    -fruits or veggies.
    -cute cars or a truck with a dog and kitty in the back...or driving!:)
    -walking cutlery
    -"Love from Mom" or something like that!:)
    - tools-carpentry or gardening
    -books on a shelf or stacked the length of the tape!
    -music notes, scale, bass and treble cleft
    -brass instruments....any instrument...a marching band!
    -a cityscape
    -wrought iron or picket fence with a flowering vine and flowers peeking through the fence...maybe a critter peeking!
    -jungle animals
    -woodland animals
    Ack! Too many ideas...wide, narrow, white, cream...I love them all.

  22. I would love to have my blog name since I have run out of the ones you made me last year for the Christmas Exchange we did. " Good Grief Girdie". Thank You again for the giveaway Anna!

  23. Carosel (?) horses or merry go round horses...
    I can't spell carosel!!!
    on wide white tape!

  24. What a nice give-away!

    I was thinking of tape with small colourful dots en tiny hearts on it. Something simple but very sweet!

  25. Hi Anna,

    I've been lurking around your Etsy shop on and off for some time now. Never really knowing the reason I would want a tape but their just so pretty in every way.

    Recently the reason presented itself. I am currently stuck knee deep (in a good way) on garment sewing. I am self thought and have used the vast resources on the Internet to learn from all the generous souls. I am no where near good but I do want to get there and beyond.

    I've been thinking of a label for my garments that I am sewing. 'Barbara's Creations' is predictable. 'Sanguine Seamstress' is nice. Or maybe 'Couture Wannabe'! LOL!! And perhaps coupled with a picture of spool of thread, needle and scissors. That would be pretty won't it?

    If I don't win, no worries I'll just have to make up my mind and come looking for you in your shop! :)

  26. Hi, I've got 3 ideas :D
    " you're my sunshine" with a yellow bright sun :)
    another one with bright colours like aqua, red, orange, lime, etc... ( stripes, polka dots...)
    and something relative to the beach.
    Hope you like them.

  27. Something with ''Smile & the world smiles with you' ... 'Shared joy is double joy' ... 'One rose can be by garden, One friend, my world' & of course even 'Little Ray of Sunshine' would make joyful tapes :) in blue of course *smiles* Kristy

  28. My favourite lines of poetry (courtesy of W.B Yeats) "But I being poor have only my dreams.I have laid my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams" - Illustated with something suitably dreamy... - the poem is called "He wishes for the cloths of Heaven"

  29. Hi,
    I would prefer slim tape, on the white, illustrations and text.
    " I Love Cats ", " I Love Dogs ", " Hand made for you ", " Gift for you ", " Kitchen ", " Breakfast "...
    Thank you

  30. I'd love to see Santa Claus in various poses with phrases alluding to Christmas, also wreaths and more Christmas themes like Santa Claus's reindeer.

  31. I drive a black Ford twin cab pickup, have a little black terrier called Buster, chickens and two very pretty pigs. I would love to see any of your tapes depicting my wonderful life in Warwickshire.
    Hugs Catherine x

  32. Oh my goodness how fun! Such a lovely gesture.

    Oh, there is one thing special I would love to have on tape.

    "granddaughters are special"
    I took care of my little granddaughter this past weekend.
    She has my heart that is for sure.

  33. Hi Anna,

    What about: wide tape, cream colored, wording: Sweetify your day, showing: a pink cake stand + aqua blue velvet cake topped with daffodils and little baby blue flowers ?

    HApPY hApPy jeudi! xx

  34. I love using your tapes for labels for my quilts so I would love a little square quilt with "made with love for you" or simple "made with love" thanks you for your lovely work and blog

  35. Your tapes are beautiful.
    I'd love to see rows of colourful birds, or fun fungi , or maybe rows of croissant and patisserie.

  36. Hello Anna, so nice idea for giveaway! You are so great! :-)
    I would like to see the tape with: "made with cup of coffee" plus the little picture of cup :-) And yes: the tape in the cream :-)
    Have a nice time! Jolana

  37. oohh Anna, that is a good giveaway but very hard to think of anything that lives up to your wonderful creations. hhmmm here are some ideas:

    Home is where the heart is - with a piccy of a lovely heart and one of your fab houses on it.

    Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails - with piccies of animals on it

    Busy Bee - with a picture of a cute bumble bee on it

    Fly like a bird - or - free like a bird - with a picture of a bird flying away

    Will have to ponder some more for you xxx

  38. Hoi Anna, als ik iets zou mogen bedenken dan zou het en band zijn met bolletjes en sneeuwklokjes.
    maar ik kan helemaal niet tekenen. dus of dat kan ik weet het niet.

  39. Che bella idea per il giveaway, sono felice di contribuire con due frasi a me care, la prima me la diceva la nonna Maria quando mi vedeva triste : "Sorridi e la vita ti sorriderà" ( Smile and life will smile to you),su nastro bianco alto e disegni di aquiloni. La seconda è la mia filosofia di vita " Se la vita ti regala limoni fanne limonata"( If life gives you lemons make lemonade)sempre su nastro bianco alto e disegni di grappoli di limoni. Ciao!!!

  40. Hi! I would like to see a halloween tape. I would use it in treat or trick bags.

    I love spiders, cauldrons, orange and lilac colors...

  41. I'm glad I'm not too late to take part, this is a wonderful giveaway and I've been pondering it for a few days. I love words and phrases and I love what you print on your cotton tapes. I like the line from the song Forever Young which goes "may your heart always be joyful" (can you use other people's lyrics?), "Not all who wander are lost" (JRR Tolkien) is good. And I really love the words "happy trails" which conjures up images of bear footprints, fir trees, leaves and nature-y things. Hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

  42. Oohhh! Since I use your tapes all the time, I've thought about what I would l love to see on a tape. So, I would have a wide cream tape with turtles on it. My son loves turtles, and I would love to use it to label clothing for him!

  43. De laatste twee zinnen uit het gedicht Invictus van William Henley.
    I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul!

  44. There is only one me...I am unique...my pattern has been copy righted : )

  45. Hi, i love the cream tapes, the width doesn't metter, i love one theme Alice in wonderland the flamingo or the rabbit and because i am going to by mummy I love the idea with written : I mummy/ I daddy

  46. An apple a day…
    En een volledige rij van jouw heerlijke eerlijke appels. Met blauwe ertussen. Want die vind ik ook nog steeds super: be different.


  47. Wat maak jij een geweldige mooie dingen, je bent echt een kunstenaar. Ik ken jou van vroeger, leuk om te zien dat het goed met je gaat. Ik zag je mooie tekeningen en kreeg het idee, waarom breng je geen stempels uit, ik zelf doe veel met stempels maar maak ze zelf niet. Voor je linten kun je ook bv schelpen soorten op een rij in de kleur turqois/bruin.Of de zon maan en sterren. Ik wens je heel veel succes in je onderneming. Lieve Groet Diana

  48. Live Love Laugh I would like to see on tape


Thanks ever so much for sharing your thoughts!