Thursday, 1 September 2011

Welcome September

Another Summer come and gone. 
We welcome cooler weather and wooly sweaters.

We will still play around in the garden, and sure enough the flowers
will refuse to stop growing until Winter is fully here.
We never know if it will arrive.

Southern Autumns are a bit strange for my northern soul.
But revel in it I will. 

There surely is not a Season specific for eating ice creams. Oh no. 
We do not limit ice cream time to Summers.
Even when the sunny skies are a mix with chilly winds.

The forests around us will be walked much more now. Not passing out in
the heat any more. Off to find ourselves amongst the falling leaves,
and spotting little creatures getting ready for the Winter that does not
always arrive. 

We ponder, will we have snow this Winter?
*crosses fingers and wishes for mountains of snow*

Happy Chilly Autumn to you all x

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