Thursday, 29 September 2011


Simplify. Simplify? 
What do you do when you share your home with two teenagers + one tween? 
How did life become ever so complicated just because they added a bit of height?
Okay, so it is quite a bit of height.

There is the ranting and raving.
The raging hormones.
Being unreasonable is applied with frightening precision. 
Stroppy obstinate pigheaded awkward.
The death look that tells you 'does this face care'

And that is just me. 

The children are angels, really. *blinks*


  1. I have only one teen at home and I am quite scared!!!! lol

  2. I think I must be one of those "strange" people who love teenagers ( well most of them) lol...I never "liked" little kids found them quite annoying...I love seeing the future adult emerging...I find their ideas interesting ...roll with the punches & don't sweat the little things XXXX ( & if that doesn't work try alcohol !!!)

  3. oohh I have one boy who is heading towards the teen time and already showing a lot of the traits! He got grounded for the first time last night and sulked for hours! Deep breaths I think ..... not easy for a fiery red head :-)

  4. Bute they still are beautyful, aren't they? I wish you lots of stamnia through this. Love the photos. Oh, and I exactly know that face (and others!) on kaylas face. Muahha :-) Love to you! (mail arrived?)

  5. Dat is vast een pittige tijd..
    ik ben blij dat onze oudsten net 5 zijn..

  6. Oh sweetie, hang in there. A good mantra for teens and having teens, I find, is, "This, too, will pass."
    "This, too, will pass."
    And it does - and the good is OH SO good and the hard, is so very hard. Love them, spend time with them as much as you possibly can - soon they will be gone. And be SO kind to yourself.


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