Thursday, 9 June 2011

It matters....

It's the little things that matter.

To sit and ponder

The changing Season coming and going

Favourite trousers

Love sent in the post from 'home'


A cup of wisdom

Family & Friends
Hadrien + Danika



  1. Family it is Anna ! Most important !
    Did I tell you the baby is born ?
    My son is a father now . He and Vanessa have a beautiful little girl now . Her name is Eva .
    Photo on my blog !
    When I saw him outside by the hospital where he was waiting for us .....
    I saw IT .... in his eyes ...
    He witnessed the wonder of child being born .
    His child ! He already was a loving and caring son but now he treats me even more loving and caring ....
    It's not only having a grandchild
    but also being the mother of a son who is a father now ..... And my other children are aunts and uncle . Also so happy with each-other.
    Boy am I rich !

  2. yes.. the little things are very important.. nice post. short but concrete :)

  3. and everywhere one can feel love and acceptance..:)
    have a nice week(end)!

  4. you could not say it better Anna. your beautiful pictures reflect so much love and happiness. happy to see how your adorable kitties are being overstuffed with love. ^_^ and your girls are simply sooo sweet.
    take care my friend xoxoxo

  5. So beautyful! Oh, and the spark in your childrens eyes. How much they have grown! Wowsie. Such beautyful people.

  6. Het zijn de kleine dingen die je doet. De kittens zien er gezond uit, daar is goed voor gezorgd.
    grt, Helmi

  7. Great post, short and sweet. Lovely photos, too. I love my senseo coffee maker. Start my morning everyday with a cup.

  8. Beautiful photos and words...

    cheers. parsnip

  9. Bah. Google ate my first post. I was trying to say that I'm amazed at how the kittens have grown, but even more amazed at how the kids have grown.

    It's always good to appreciate the little things! :)

  10. die kleintjes zijn gewoon to cute...
    we hebben al twee poezen, anders..
    en koffieleutjes hmmm, alleen de senseo hebben wij
    vervangen door ouderwetse opschenkkoffie ;)

  11. Oh yes, these things are, what life's really made of and if we fail to notice them, that is really sad! OMG, these kitties are soooooooooo cute!

  12. Oooo.......I'll take some of the pink hair! Lovely kids and kitties ;-)


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