Monday, 23 May 2011


We found a little nest in a forgotten corner, in the garden, with even smaller foundlings.

Teeny tiny kittens, hungry and lost. 

We have been feeding them from a wee milk bottle. Together we are caring for them. 
So many hands and hearts to love them here. 

Does that mean I have eight 'children' now?



  1. ohhhh:))) I think they match perfectly to your family!:))

  2. Lookit that pink petal nose!
    White-ginger tomcat kitty!
    Little Moo Moo!
    The wee paws!

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute : )

    You are going to keep them aren't you?
    You are, aren't you? I think you should.
    Eight is a good number anyways.

  3. The answer is ......yes you have eight now!!! July 1999 I found 4 kittens in our wood pile!!!! Buster, rusty and izzy are still here ( rusty is on the bed now ). And my sister has Edward!!!! They are the best!!! Soooooooo. I hope you can keep the......oh....and of course They speak French.....Miaou!!!

  4. Dearest anna, they are soo adorable! Such sweethearts! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you and yours!

  5. They are a gift sent from heaven!!!! I can see a new illustration being drawn from these!! You must have fairies in the back of your garden! How lucky to find such a find!! Beautiful!!
    Love Tania xXx

  6. Oooooh wat zoet!! (en wat zielig ook)

    Zorg maar goed voor deze beessies!

  7. OMG!! You've got some funny birds building nests in your garden.

    Just as well I already have 4 foundlings of my own (albeit a bit bigger now) otherwise I'd be round persuading you to part with one - although wouldn't be able to choose.

  8. p.s. Very wise cat to plant them in your garden otherwise they might have met the more conventional French end!

  9. awwwwwwwwww, so sweet...
    What great luck for some cat to have chose your yard to drop the kitties off at.
    @thetialys I was thinking that... what cute but strange birds are building nests in your garden !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. yes...for sure you have 8 children to care for...those kitties don't know how lucky they are..

  11. Oh my cuteness! Yup, looks like you've just added several children to your brood. Such sweet, tiny little faces! There's nothing like a kitten, enjoy!

  12. Little mouths to feed, how adorable, and how fortunate that you found them, so cute, so lovely, so heart warming. Pixie

  13. wat een dotjes!
    en wat een zonde dat ze werden te vondeling gelegd…


    ze hadden geen betere thuis kunnen vinden!

    Tina teaspoon

  14. Ohh, wat lief zijn ze nog. Mooi dat jullie ze vonden en misschien kunnen houden.

  15. I can't imagine a sweeter little bunch of foundlings to add to your family. They were in need of being rescued and who better to find them than you?

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of them in the near future!

  16. Oh wat lief en wat hartverscheurend ook, zo klein en dan zonder moeder. Zorg er maar goed voor.
    grt, Helmi

  17. aww so cute... love the darkest one. the black and orange..


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