Friday, 1 April 2011


Countless birds have moved into the bushes and the roof of our house. 
They are so busy, and fill up the quiet with their constant song. It is sweet. Just
like Spring is supposed to be. Scattering little flowers every where. Honestly, it
seems the garden is smiling. A lunch in the sun on our weather beaten bench is
a must. I was spoiled by my dear friend Ramona with a
great arty magazine in the post the other day, and then another magazine 
landed in my mail box from Amber! Thank you so much for your kindness!

I wish you could join me in the garden, the shakes are blended and a stack
of cucumber sandwiches do need to be eaten... x


  1. Yes, I would like to be in your garden right now! And I would roll around in the grass with the belly full of shakes and cucumber sandwiches! Bliss!

    :D ♥♥♥

  2. You are more than welcome, Rodi! And you are not even that far away!!

  3. Last year I was about 2 hours away, now I must be 8 or 9, and for sure the sandwiches will be eaten and the shakes drank until I would arrive :D
    So I'll just enjoy your beautiful pictures and travel to your yard in my imagination!

    I hope your day will continue to be lovely, Anna!

  4. Perfect place to lay amongst the flowers & gaze at the sky. It looks like dream land :) Enjoy the sun... and that beautiful spring scenery. Can I borrow your pillow to rest in the sun :) Kristy

  5. aw, flowers and sunshine-sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  6. Wat een heerlijke plek. Jammer dat je wel erg ver weg woont, anders was ik even langs gekomen ;-)
    Mooie plaid en kussen ook!
    Fijn weekend!

  7. Wow! So lovely! I just woke up to snow covered crocuses!!!!!!!

  8. What beautiful outdoor yard you have. How lucky you are to wake up every morning and get to see such a lovely view.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. have a lovely spring, Anna!
    those little flowers look so kind and nice.

  10. If I am ever in France I am visiting you! Bliss!

  11. My mind has many things racing through it... it is Autumn now in lovely New Zealand... although I love the beauty of the coloured leaves, they every now and then float to the ground to join the grasses... and slowly the trees become more bare as Winter fastly approaches, I think, oh I would give anything to be back to Spring again, to hear the lovely baby birds chirping, the lambs -baa baaing... and the smell of Spring lovelyness as I gaze down at all the pretty flowers and blossoms popping up everywhere. Then I come back to reality and think, I have to stock up on my wood ready for Winter officially starting on 1st of June. Another year has gone by, it seems like only yesterday I had the fireplace on keeping warm from the winter breeze... even though we don't get snow in Auckland. All seasons are beautiful in their own way... even though I hate the cold... I love the beauty of snow... and the fun you can have amongst it... oh the imaginations that the mind can bring with snow. Snow and children together... that's even fun... my four children... they would probably be in the snow moreso than they would spend indoors... ha ha. So here I am in New Zealand getting ready for Winter... with the season Autumn here upon us... and noticing that all the young birds that were once living in their nests in my roof have now flown away to migrate elsewhere now that they've all grown up, noticing that there isn't so many birds chirping all around like in Spring time, and the air is much cooler... but lovely and fresh... we still get the lovely sunny days, but definately the temperature drops at night and early mornings... getting darker around 7.00 pm then 6.00 pm insteady of 8.00 pm or 9.00 pm... IN full Winter it gets dark around 5.00 pm... so I will have to make sure my children have lots of new woolly clothes to keep them warm. I think wow, I want to visit France again and come visit Anna and her lovely place full of devine beauty and a field full of colourful flowers... and array of many lovely scents. I will keep day-dreaming that way I can stay in Springtime.

  12. O M G! We have today a wonderful weather and we enjoy it a lot. Tomorrow it will be gone... just Dutch weather.


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