Thursday, 24 February 2011


My health has been such an issue this last year+. No point in moaning about it,
so I am trying to claw back some control over this uncooperative body here.
I have been nicely vegetating away, yum, and blending just about every
fruit and veggie I can get my hands on! And I had such a breakthrough
this morning! For the first time in forever I woke up feeling energised! 
So this is what it feels like to have refreshing reviving sleep! Joy!
I can see myself becoming a bit of junkie to this healthy stuff. 

Of course it is my kidlets that give me that other ingredient we so need, 
you know those big hugs with little arms, consistent chatting and noise!
Yes. I do feel better. But my aim is to feel great!
The children have been funny, the moment they can hear the blender going
they have their glasses ready for a try-out. I can't seem to make enough of 
it... although the one that resembles 'green shrek snot* is returned to me.
Better go and blend myself some more of those green smoothies. 

How are you feeling today?



  1. Hi Anna,
    I would love to join you in your health kick ;), but must you have one of those very powerful, tres cher blenders to do your smoothies? Or is yours just a regular blender? So glad you are seeing some results with your new regime--moms need to feel tip-top, don't they?

  2. So nice to see another post, Glad your feeling a little better with the fresh fruit & veggies. Wishing you a start to good energy everyday. Nothing is better medicine than the joy & love from your children "Being a parent means never having a minute... yet always making a moment :) " Sweet picture of your little one. Kristy

  3. Thank you so much Kristy! *my post to you is partly done, and will definitely be posted by the weekend* x

    Kathy, I am just using a normal sturdy blender. I kind of like the fact it still is almost chew-able :D Give the impression of actually eating.
    Oh and do email me for address, would love to exchange letter with you!

  4. Love those pictures - I'm trying to be healthier too and have been out running this week. I think that's the sunshine just trying to peek through here, roll on Spring. Enjoy your day and hope you continue to feel energised :)

  5. Your kitchen looks so huge. I am happy to hear that you start to feel better. Yay! Now it should be my turn to do something for myself. I am still overwhelmed by everything at the moment and in some kind of numbness.

  6. Anna you don't know how happy I am to hear this! I like the word breakthrough. It is going to be uphill from now :-) I make these smoothies, and eggs any way they want, for my boys every morning before they go off to school. Don't know if you have heard about Braggs apple cider vinegar. It tastes awful but I have a tablespoon a couple of times a day mixed in a big glass of water. It is amazing! Also, I have only fruits and vegetables for breakfast.Been doing this for the past 15 years. Oh do give it a try Anna for one week and see if you feel great. Oh and love that glimpse of chest of drawers in the background. Take care now :-)

  7. As soon as I read you post, I put my blender to work :) So glad to hear you are feeling better!


  8. That juice looks great! I make green smoothies for breakfast for half a year now and i'm feeling better too! How nice, you've experienced it too now...

  9. Ik ben héél blij voor je lieve Anna .
    Ga zo door ! Ik hoop dat het steeds beter wordt .
    Het komt wel weer goed !

  10. I know exactly how you feel about the children. I spent a lovely day this week with my little nephews who I don't see very often. I get such pleasure from their awe of the world and their thirst for everything, it's a feeling that will stay with me until I see them again.

  11. Look both healthy and tasty!

  12. Hi Anna, So sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have had a rough year again, too, so when you discover why you have fatigue and such, will you let me know? I guess my lightheadedness is "complicated migraines"...I feel like passing out, but never do. Your health drinks look very energizing! Thinking of you, Kathy (PS. Do you love your IPad or not?)

  13. So happy to hear that your feeling better.
    Last year was a rough year for me health wise too !
    Your bender drink looks quite wonderful. What herbs did you put in ?
    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. Lieve Anna,
    Fijn om te horen dat het de goede kant op gaat met je gezondheid! En die knuffels zijn inderdaad goud waard.

  15. Looks super fresh! I think I need to make myself an energetic drink like yours.

  16. Oh that does look delicious, but alas, I am just too lazy! Hope you get to feeling 100% revitalised soon :O)

  17. Oh, good on you for doing something so positive for your health! My secret is B vitamins - I take one called D-stress for Women (By Blackmores) and it is the most fabulous thing ever. I'm not making an overstatemenmt when I say that it has completely changed my life. Hope you get back to feeling lots better soon.

  18. All that Yummy liquid looks so delicious. We would all benefit from healthier living and eating habits. I am not a full fledged vegetarian but I have not eaten red meat since the 60's. I don't remember why I even stopped, but I never really liked the taste. My mom would always remove my portion before adding the meat to our dinner. because she knew I did not like it.
    I hope you are feeling a little better from your new found liquid!

  19. Hi Anna, so great to hear you're feeling a bit better and I hope you will continue to get better and better.
    The smoothie looks great - will you share what exactly went into this one?

  20. Dearest sweet anna, so glad to hear that you are feeling better! I would love to join you on this healthy diet of vegies and fruits! I am having this tension headache the whole day ~ not good. :( So im taking a little break from my packing madness and visiting friends on blogland. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  21. Anna, I hope you continue to feel better! That smoothie looks powerful enough to scare away any fatigue, that is for sure! Sending you love! ♥

  22. Oooh, dat ziet er echt héerlijk gezond uit!

  23. anna, i make a smoothie each morning for my girls. it is amazing how many ingredients can be secretly stowed in a banana smoothie. try egg (if you know they are organic and safe), flax seed oil, oats, nuts, yogurt or kefir, spirulina, rice or soy or oat milk, hemp seeds, frozen berries, banana and a little honey. i also have bee pollen (a sweet waxy grain and very delicious). blend this all up and you will be unable to stop at one glass!
    kind thoughts,

  24. today there is sunshine, i pottered in the garden for a bit then I went up to my craft desk and painted a little stone. I think I could have cried I felt so much better for the sun being out. I'm going to make more juices and smoothies.. the machine has only collected dust all winter but if there is sun out I crave fruit things I adore smoothies with frozen fruit and some yogurt (so we can all pretend they are fruit milkshakes). I'm going to finish my coffee.. do a bit more crafting then I'm going to walk up to town in the sunshine and find a little happiness.


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