Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sunny Wednesday Afternoon


Walking around the village in the winter sunshine.
And of course we had to visit the cows up the hill. 
There is definitely a feel of Spring, although it is
not even February, yet. Sebastian decided to have
a bit of nap in the sunshine. As you do.
Wednesdays are such lovely family days.
My Luka is even making the pancakes for dinner
tonight. Oo, I feel spoiled.


  1. Ah, such a difference from the clouds and rain we are having! I envy your nice walk, the pictures are wonderful! Have a lovely rest of the day!

  2. BEAUTIFUL....almost looks like Spring where you are...
    We have 2 ft of snow and it's still below zero...I'll just live through your blog for now.
    THANKS for sharing the Sunshine:-)

  3. Love all the pictures but especially the one at the end - would make a lovely card!

  4. Glad you had a gorgeous day to lift your spirits, it looks lovely.

  5. oh Anna, you are so lucky, not just for this beautiful moment outdoors with your family, but having someone cook dinner for you, pancakes, yummy ! I am amazed at how mild it is where you are. being able to lie on the wild grass and nap under the sun, pure bliss. hubby will feel depressed if i show him your pictures. here, it has been snowing a bit and very cold for the past 3,4 days. on monday it was as cold as -30, brrr! the fireplace could not keep up. ^-^
    sending hugs xoxo

  6. beautiful family pictures:) I'd love to take a walk in the sunshine..I hope it finally appears after weeks of absence..

  7. I love the way you alway call him "my Luka". That's so cute. There's so much mama proud & love in there. Beautful weather. kayla really is miss sunshine. love your pictures. you are in my thoughts often.

  8. your pictures are adorable! I wish we can have a touch of Spring around here too... I'll wait patiently.


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