Monday, 6 December 2010


I do believe there are no coincidences. There is rhyme and reason to 
our lives. I am convinced. 
As I was feeling such low energy today, the post-woman brought me
a most kind package. Stuffed with huge chunks of 'speculaas'. 
I had mentioned on FaceBook, about a week ago, how much I 
miss Holland and certain dutch things, and Saskia, out of nowhere,
popped up in my email box, requesting my address, so she could
send me some. And she did! ( Mmmm speculaas! )


And so very very kind. 

{ glad your address was included on the back of the envelope, Saskia,
it will be my pleasure to return the kindness! }



  1. Truly MAGIC indeed!!! Enjoy that Speculaas!
    I wish I had some, but here in Italy they have no idea what that is! My mom did send us some Marsepein piggies, and chocolate coins! ... so that will be diner!

    & Happy Sinterklaas!

  2. Och wat heerlijk, ik weet nog van de tijd dat ik in het buitenland woonde dat je de meest simpele dingen gaat missen.
    Heerlijk, geniet ervan maar zo te zien gaat dat goed lukken :-)


  3. Oh wat een heerlijke verassing! Geniet er lekker van.

  4. Mmmm....yummy. They are my uncles big all time favourites! Mine too until gluten became the enemy.

    What a lovely package to receive when energy is low!

  5. I have no idea what that is, but it must be good if you miss it. I will remember to try it next time we visit Holland.

    Happy for you that your day got brighter!

  6. aww bless... that is lovely.

  7. Glad my package arrived happy and healthy at your doorstep, Anna. Je hebt het mooi op de foto gezet, heel uitnodigend! Genieten maar, doe ik ook!
    Een gezellige avond en bonne nuit xxxx

  8. lovely:)
    have a pleasant evening too:)


  9. Restores your faith. Doesn't it?

  10. I'm not sure if my comment went through?...
    How kind :)
    Those sure do look good-even if I don't know how they taste ;)

  11. Zal ik dan maar een patatje mayo in een envelop stoppen voor je? ;) Geniet ervan! x

  12. this is so very nice of her, enjoy your cookies and tea Anna. Hope your spirit is better. takegood care. xxx

  13. Oh anna this is truly magic and so sweet of lovely saskia! I am a fan of her lovely space and she is just such a sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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