Friday, 3 December 2010

Check check

All Christmas Goodness packages are now flying!
December is here, and I might be able to sit back a bit,
and stare at faery lights, and don't do anything at all! 

{ of course this will not be happen
 since I am compulsive obsessive and
 don't function unless I am running 
around like a headless chicken }

Erm, what will I be doing next? 

{ checks the Torture Book with To-Do-Lists } 



  1. verging on the obsessional is a difficult thing to bear! I suffer from it myself....relax? what is it? how do we do it?

  2. Happy December, Anna! Have fun running around, doing wonderful things :), but don't forget to stop for a minute to enjoy the faery lights, a nice cup of tea/coffee and, hopefully, the snow!

  3. It is quite terrible though, isn't it Karen. My husband always gives out to me, as I seriously can not sit and not do anything. It drives just about every one crazy ( including me! )

  4. Thank you so much Rodi! You, too! Have a magical December! x

  5. you must go have a lovely coffee somewhere... then you may resume running around like a decapitated poultry of choice. I find that I cant seem to get anything done unless I am running around at the last minute or I have other people in the house. I'm apparently not a real person as I only function when I am snowed in under stuff to do or I have real people to take care of.

  6. Haha, Apryl, you just described me!! (( good luck with the snow and all the things you {still} need to do ))

  7. Tok Tok, hier nog zo'n kippetje ;-)
    Lijstjes!!!! Ze helpen ;-)
    En dan niet stiekem je lijstje langer maken maar eerst afmaken wat er op je lijstje staat.
    Jaha, doen hoor!

    Fijne dag!

  8. I am so enjoying your posts.
    From the Christmas packages to the massive bedroom redo !

    Today's photo was lovely !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. I'm glad that you follow my blog. I like yours very much. Happy and colorful december!

  10. ANNA ...... KLAAR ..... de pakjes vliegen langs elkaar . Het sneeuwt hier ongelooflijk veel en lang. Alles wit witter witst .
    Mijn dochter Anna gaat naar Frankrijk verhuizen en vandaag worden haar spullen opgehaald en gaan alvast naar het zuiden . Broers en zussen helpen .... alles in de sneeuw ......
    Ik ben thuis , warm , waxinelichtjes aan , thee erbij ... verse boterstaaf .....
    Straks komen ze hier allemaal opwarmen en koffie thee warme chocolademelk drinken .
    Anna vertrekt zelf over een week . Nog laatste dingen afhandelen .
    Saint Mihiel , bij Nancy . 5 uur rijden , als het niet sneeuwt natuurlijk !
    Morgen vieren we Sinterklaas !

  11. You make me laugh :))) I feel the same :)) Have a wonderful December :))))))))

  12. Yes, it seems that this is some kind of meetingplace of certain type of women. All I can read from your post and comments suits very well describing me too.
    With all the best wishes,

  13. Dearest sweet Anna, im also sending off your care christmas package this week!! Can't wait for you to receive it and i hope it makes its way there in time for christmas! HAve a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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