Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Uhm *taps foot* that is that then.
My daughter has just decided that my sewing machine is too dinky for me,
and it suits her much better. Which is handy, she says, since she has a few
'things' to sew for Christmas gifts * raises one eyebrow* 
But I am allowed to replace any needles when needed, and do
that boring bit, when the thread has run out. 

*hand palm*


  1. oh, i just remember my first teeny tiny green sewing machine. i wonder where it is, since i could sew with it quite well as an adult also.

  2. :-) my son also is quite fond of the sewing machine. always wants to sit on my lap and sew and raise the food of the needle and so on. see my latest blog entry, hehe.

  3. Oh dearie...

    I did that when I was 13. And look now...
    LOL! :D

  4. I always wanted to sew, but my grandma' never really let me use her sewing machine. I think I'll do it when I'll have my own.
    best wishes from Romania, Anna >:D<

  5. I am so jealous, she looks so at ease. She doesn't look like she is clenching her teeth and holding her breath...no wait that is me when I am sewing.

    How wonderful that she has such confidence at her age.

  6. that little lady will go far!!!

  7. sounds like maybe your daughter can inherit your machine.....and you can go out and buy a new one for yourself.....?! i learned to sew when i was her age, and i've always been so grateful that my mom encouraged me that way! happy week to you, sweet friend! xoxox, :))

  8. What a heart warming photo and moment. She is so cute in her determination.

    I am not fond of Astrid growing as fast as she does. But this photo gives me something to look forward to.

  9. My daughter is older than that (she's 17, I;m not sure how old yours is, but obviously younger) and over the last couple of years has gained confidence with the sewing machine. My heart swells with pride when she asks to borrow it and whips something up! May your daughter have very many happy years of sewing ahead of her :)

  10. Child labour! Good idea, I must get my 2 interested. I hope she whips something up as gorgeous as that pencil necklace she made for me in the summer!!

  11. Your daughter seems to be just as creative as you :-). Wonderful picture!

  12. What a precious picture. I am so glad to see little ones wanting to do domestic work rather than sitting in front of the TV or always on the computer or phone!


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