Sunday, 14 November 2010


Oh! Oh! Oh!
I received my first Christmas Swap Package from Jackie!
And my oh my, the wrapping is something else. Beautiful!
Jackie kindly emailed me and told me I was allowed to open
the package, but I can't get myself to open anything yet,
until I have put up my tree and decorated the house.

So I will be staring at this a little while longer, and most
likely develop a serious twitch. 

I am putting together all Swap Packages this week, and
quite a few more packages and snail mails to friends
and family. It is going to be busy. 

I hope every one is enjoying the impending arrival of Christmas!
((thank you so much Jackie!))


  1. ''enjoying'' chtistmas preperations hasn't started here yet. It's more of an ''oh no I had bettter get a move on!!''

  2. Wow looking beautiful! My package is still in progress, i'm a bit slow now that i.m baking a fourth little Rotje ;-) but i'll be on time!

    Have a wonderful sunday!


  3. Pretty and fun!! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

  4. Dearest sweet anna, isnt that the sweetest! :) The packaging is awesome and so merry! Makes me smile. :) Very inspiring photos. :) Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to yoU!

  5. Wonderful!! I can't wait for you to open it! Still having fun dreaming up ideas and working on yours - will be sending it out soon! :)


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