Tuesday, 12 October 2010


My oh my, dusty stuffy spaces.

But since it was his day off ( school strike yet again ) he was going
to show me how to sand a floor.

Well, who am I to stop him?

{he gave up after about an hour. Bless} 

So I better get up in the attic tomorrow and put some serious hours into
sanding and varnishing. 

Got to love him though.


  1. At least he had a go and that's an hour's less effort you have to do :0)

    It'll look great when it's finished.


  2. It always feels so good when a room is done and then you get to live in it !
    I am revamping a bedroom right now and I can't wait to be finished so I can put things away.
    Good luck on refinishing your floors, they will look great.
    Love reading about your DIY projects !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. how kind of him!:D as Jill mentioned you have one hour less to do;)I would help you with pleasure but I'm too far away from you..
    Is it going to be your new studio?:)

  4. Good luck with all of that hard work, Anna! It'll look wonderful when it's done!

  5. We are in the same mess right now. The whole house looks a mess because of one room being sanded. Today is the day to finally finish the painting or maybe tomorrow. After that I'll have more space in my studio, since now all the stuff is piled up there:)

    Good painting time wiished for you,


  6. What a progress, I am so impressed with how much you have already done.


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