Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Week days are always busy. 
Lots of organizing, lots of chores, 
the hoover never rests, and I am on a daily
mission to empty the laundry basket. It feels
really lovely to be able to hang the washed laundry
out in the sun again. The chill is no longer here in 
the South. Spring is allowed to come now. We have
had such a good cold Winter. 

I will however
miss the blankets in the evening, on the
sofa together. And the ovaltine and hot chocolate. 

With a bit of luck Winter will come around again soon. 
After the heat waves and scary insects. That are 
truly every where. 

(the lizards are cool though)

Here is a suitcase full of cotton I created today.
Tomorrow I will package and mail

First I really really want a cup of tea...


  1. Tea <3

    Also I spot the ones I ordered.


  2. wow, you have been busy busy busy, so many gorgeous designs. x

  3. feels like our winter will never end here in the south of the US. It's never this cold! Brrrrr.

  4. I am sure winter will come again. I am more worried about if the spring and sumer comes or not :-)


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