Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring Promises

The Promise of Spring is one of hope and wishes. 
This is the time dreams somehow come alive again. Ambitions that seem to have slept through the winter, and nudged awake. In my frenzy to organize and tidy I bumped into volumes of poetry I have written, and journals that were kept when I  had so much more to say, than I do now. Have I gone more quiet over the years? 

But the Promise of good and better things is there. Within Spring. 
Where I will sit and write. Where I will take my camera with me where ever I go, and let the eye capture moments, that are otherwise forever forgotten. Like a thought that will never be uttered or spoken. 

Bless you Spring. It is good to see you again... 


  1. Hey, you made yourself a new blog! I love it! With your old blog I always had so much trouble opening up the took forever.

    Your blog header is beautiful. Congratulations! I just added you to my bloglovin' list. Looking forward to keep more in touch :-)

  2. enjoy the spring....hope you bloom us much as the flowers.

  3. You said it beautifully! I feel the same way too, spring does seem to bring along this spirit of 'a new beginning' :)

  4. such beautyful pictures. we always do change. everything is a flow. and so are the words and pictures, the quiet time and seasons. can't wait for spring to arrive either.

  5. your blog......aha! so you have started organising and that's inspiring me to do the same...

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  7. You shouldn't have said all that - you made it snow this afternoon! I see Sebastian's been at the hair gel again. x


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